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My mission: To help people improve themselves and others around them by better understanding how their brains work

Hey! My name is Theodore 🙂

I run/operate the Youtube channel PracticalPsychology and also this website PracticalPie.com.

If you’re here… you probably want to know how I got here?

Well, here’s my story:

After I graduated high school, I went to a prestigious engineering college with the intent of becoming a Nuclear Engineer. Why? Because I was really good at math (compared to the rest of my class), I wanted to help the world be better, and I loved Iron Man. No… really that’s mostly why. Also, my parents, family, friends, and school thought I was going to be this guy who’d change the world by being some great engineer.

Well, after one lonely and over-worked semester at nuclear engineering college and about $9000 in loans… I decided it wasn’t for me. You know what was though? Business!

So I dropped engineering school, moved back home and enrolled in some business classes as the local community college. I did all of these classes online and in the spare time I was inspired by the (in)famous Tai Lopez to read books. I read a ton of books. Like over 300 books. If you want some mini-summaries of my favorite books, check out my Top 10 Book list

During my 3rd semester, I lost it. Everything I was learning was either common sense, WAYYY out of date, or useless. That’s when I decided “You know what’s better than going to business college? Actually starting my own business!”. So I started Practical Psychology. 

I did this because I wanted to help people in a positive way AND make money doing it! So I told myself “If I make more than my part-time job, I’ll quit”. And within the next month I had earned $658 from Youtube… and my job had earned me $650. Seemed like a sign to me, so I quit. Kept doing business classes until January of 2017, where I earned $15,000 in one month. 

That was a game changer. It was like a lightbulb went off. By not going all in on my business, I was letting people down. And I knew it too. The emails, messages, and comments I received really validated that I was actually helping people – and the feeling you get with that… I’d do it for $1,000 a month. The $15,000 check was the tipping point and I had done it… Helping people and making money doing it. 

So what am I doing now? 

I plan to keep helping people by sticking the my main mission: To help people improve themselves and others around them by better understanding how their brains work. I think knowing this by heart really helps with the growth of my business, Youtube channel, Blog, and courses. 


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