How To Find a Mentor Easily – 10 Steps to Being in a Mentorship


Mentorship is defined as “a relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person”.

Everyone needs to learn how to get and keep a mentor in their life, because the best way to learn anything is through mentorship. Entrepreneurs, especially, or anyone who is learning cutting-edge science and technology needs a mentor to learn in the quickest way possible. Mentors can be a lot of things that most people overlook. They can be:

  • Past mistakes
  • Books
  • Other people
  • Online Courses
  • anything that teaches you

I read over 300 books last year, and they changed my life, my income, my relationships, just overall improved the quality of my life. Books, for me, are the best form of mentors. An in-person mentor relationship is possibly the best all-around simply because you’ll get live feedback from the teacher. 

I haven’t really had the opportunity to be around wise and old mentors, but I can definitely read their books. Books on money, books on relationships, books on sales funnels, books on health…Experts say if you read 4 books on any topic, you’re in the top 90% of the population that knows information about that topic.

Imagine how much more reputable you would seem if you read just one book a month in your industry. They say an average CEO reads over 52 books a year, and that’s because there’s always something new to learn, changes happening, and to stay on the top and stick with cutting edge business, you need to keep learning. Business mentors are very busy, so when you go in for the ask you should have something that adds value to their life. For example, in a business situation you could say “If you’ll train me how to sell things online through email marketing, I’ll write your future emails for you, so you won’t have to”. 

You don’t need permission to get a mentor!

what are mentors

So a lot of people are really confused and go about getting a mentor wrong. I get tons of emails a month about people asking to be mentored by me, and if I get a bunch, you know people like Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, other big business people are getting loads of requests. Here’s the big deal. 

You don’t need permission to get a mentor! Just go consume everything they put out, all of their content. Getting a professional mentor that follows your every step and watches your work is overrated. 

Go buy all of their books, their courses, and actually, you don’t even have pay… just look up stuff on Youtube, read blog posts about them, everything you can find, consume it.

If they have taken the time to make a course, or write a book, they did it so you could learn.

I got a whole bunch of emails on dating advice and my top videos were about dating and how to talk to girls… so I made a whole course of premium content just teaching you how to find, get, and keep your dream girl. You’re going to get much much more out of that, than you are asking me a question. The difference is you searching for my content, versus you asking me to give you content. Most of the time, the mentors you love already have put out a ton of content, you just have to look for it. The difference is you putting in the work versus them putting in the work. Make life easier for them and they’ll be more likely to help you.

how to find a mentor


Why do you need a mentor?

How did you learn to walk? When you were a baby, you watched other adult professional-walking humans walk. No really, that’s how you learned.

We can copy this strategy and use it to learn almost anything else.

If you want to learn how to ride a unicycle (shoutout to Brandon), if you want to learn how to animate (shoutout to Yusuf), if you want to learn how to create an awesome sales funnel (shoutout to Clark), you learn from experts.

how to be an expert

My favorite way to learn is to learn from other people, and that includes books. This is why mentorship is sooo important. If you’re a fan of evolution, you know that a species that learns from it’s own mistakes, does not live as long as a species that learns from the mistakes of others. You can do the same by learning from other people’s mistakes.

When I was creating my dating course, I had Alex from Create and Go mentoring me. He wasn’t holding my hand, but he was there to double check my work and answer my questions. We sent emails back and forth, he would answer them in video format, and I got a lot out of just seeing his thought process about course creation and getting sales. Notice how he didn’t do the work for me, he showed me. This is something else that is very important. Mentor’s aren’t there to hold your hand, but they are there to guide you, help you along the way.

Also, you need to know that mentorships between people are usually very personal and the mentor is quite invested in seeing you succeed. A lot of professionals will hire coaches and want the same thing, but a coach just wants to to be paid and doesn’t necessarily worry about your personal success.

Now, I’m going to give you some tips to actually finding a mentor and making sure they are in the right mindset to help you.

  1. Stop thinking of a mentorship as a relationship that you get to take value from. When you are being mentored, you need to add value as well, and you also need to make sure you’re the one doing the work
  2. You need to put in the effort to be a good mentee. Make sure you’re polite around the people training you and come with the right equipment and tools to learn.
  3. When you start the mentorship, make sure you lay out your clear goals and wants of the relationship. Some people might take advantage of you and actually have you work for them longer than expected, so make sure if you’re working to learn, that once you have a valuable understanding of the skill or trade that you aren’t taken advantage of.
  4. Hang around places where you might find a mentor, if you haven’t already. If you want to find a computer engineer mentor, I wouldn’t spend most of your time at the bar or bowling alley. Instead, I’d be seeking them out in libraries and tech stores.
  5. Once you’ve found your mentor, make sure to study them personally. Consume all of their content and make mental notes of their strengths and weaknesses so you can better understand your relationship with them.
  6. Give them something. When the mentorship has come to it’s end, you need to thank the person who’s taught you so much! Take them out for a nice dinner or bring them a gift as a token of your appreciation. Most mentors don’t teach for pay, but letting them know you care about them and expressing gratitude will be worth it. Learning how to get a mentor will be worth it once you’ve started showing fruits of the knowledge that was transfered!


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