11 Habits of an Attractive Man

As human beings, we have a natural desire to be attractive. After all, this not only raises our chances at finding a good mate, but also can lead us to be more successful financially as well. Of course, there are many tricks and products that you can use to improve yourself, but the things that work best on the long run are good habits. They are highly effective as you can incorporate them in your daily routine and you’ll become closer to the best version of yourself without having to spend a fortune or neverending hours at once to achieve that.

There are many aspects that can count in the attractiveness factor, such as physical ones (showering regularly, grooming, etc), psychological ones (keeping a balanced lifestyle, knowing oneself) and of course, financial ones (being self-sustainable and reliable in this aspect). Many interviewed women when asked what they find attractive in a man, mentioned “opening the door for people and giving you flowers” and other habits that are now considered “old fashioned”, when in reality… some of these are just manners. It appears being a gentleman is timeless, and opening the door for a woman will always put you in a nice light.

But let’s see what are the habits that make men physically attractive, and most of these will work for girls too:


Grooming habits: Making sure you always smell fresh is the most basic thing you can do. Women can feel the smell of sweat from a few feet and trust me, it’s rarely appealing! So make sure you take a shower after any sweaty activity and use a deodorant regularly. And speaking of smells, brushing teeth and flossing every day is non-negotiable. Not only will they help the smell situation, it helps keep your smile looking fresh and fly.

2) Take care of your diet – avoiding simple carbs and sugars, and maintaining a diet full of vegetables and healthy fats will reduce bloating and decrease puffiness in your face. I’ve also heard reducing these, along with milk will help with acne. Also, make sure you keep yourself properly hydrated. Drinking a minimum of eight glasses of water a day will ensure healthy hydration, and reduces the appearance of fine wrinkles! And keep in mind, coffee or alcohol don’t count as water, even if they’re liquids – these two are dehydrating beverages so you’ll actually have to drink more water to compensate for them.

3) Exercise The best thing that you can do to maintain or improve your overall attractiveness level is to remain fit. Of course you can’t remain fit by sitting on a chair in front of the computer for ten hours per day. Even if you work that long, you can use your breaks to move around a bit, maybe climb some stairs up and down a few times, or make any activity that makes your heart pump a bit more than usual. Staying fit not only ensures you live a longer, healthier life, but also increases your confidence and makes you feel energetic and amazing. Getting that pump also helps your body get rid of its toxins, making your skin look brighter and giving you a good vibe for the whole day.

4) Sleep well – it’s well known that the body does most of its regeneration during sleep, and not giving it enough time to do that will quickly affect your whole system. Sleep deprivation leads to attention disorders, lower efficiency and slower reflexes, as well as it shows up on your face making you look like a zombie. Therefore, prioritizing sleep will help you ensure you look fresh and alert, and will also make those ugly circles around your eyes disappear quickly.

5) Change your sheets regularly – it helps your skin stay clean and fresh, and if you often take a girl to bed with you, clean sheets will always give them a good impression. You don’t expect someone to sleep with you in sheets that have traces of make up from another woman, right?

Now that we’ve made sure the physical part is clean, fit and healthy, let’s see which are the psychological habits that help maintain our attractiveness level for a longer time after we made that first impression:

6) Ask yourself the right questions – this is called framing and helps boost your confidence. For example, when approaching a girl you like, instead of asking yourself “what if she doesn’t like me?”, you could ask “what if she’s my next girlfriend? How do I want our first interaction to go?” – this instantly changes your mindset and position from a scared and intimidated one, to a confident and more attractive one. Remember, girls can sense these things and if you don’t believe you could impress her, she won’t really be impressed.

7) Meditate daily – this has multiple benefits, from helping you get rid of stress and anxiety, to maintaining a balance psyche throughout the day. Women love calm and patient men, who don’t lose their temper at the slightest discomfort. One of the best ways to get a girl to like you is to simply have the power to get angry, but control it. This is a tough topic to talk about, but I’ve read over 8 psychology textbooks, so if you want to learn more about this, I actually created a huge course to teach you how to find, get, and keep the girl of your dreams. Tons of people have taken it, loved it, and some even emailed me personally to share their success stories. Anyways, to learn more about being psychologically attractive, theres a link in the description so you can see the full curriculum and if you buy from this video today, You’ll get over 50% off for being an awesome subscriber! Back to meditation, it also makes you more mindful, present and non-judgemental.

8) Being reliable – when a guy says he’s going to do something and then actually does it, it touches a sensitive chord in a woman’s heart. So when you promise things, make sure you can deliver. It’s always better to make nice surprises than to disappoint.

9) Being authentic – this means saying exactly what you think and feel (without being a jerk, of course!), not being afraid that others might judge you. It’s better to be loved for who you are than trying to keep a mask on your face for your whole life. So don’t be afraid of showing your real feelings, even if this makes you feel vulnerable. In fact, a sign of great inner power is the ability to show our weaknesses and vulnerabilities – and that is highly attractive.

10) Constantly try to improve yourself. Think of this as if you’re trying to sell a product. You’re “on the market”, why would anyone like you if you don’t like yourself first? All these habits are meant to help you improve and boost your self-confidence, because this is the most important attractive factor. Everybody wants something that someone else wants. Everybody wants something that’s carefully designed and packed, something that has value. So value yourself and improve something every day.

And last but not least: 11) Don’t take rejection personally

Someone once said that the difference between a successful person and an amateur is that the successful one has failed more times than the amateur has even tried. This means that the more you get used to approaching women, the more reactions you will face – and face it, there will, most probably, be a lot of rejection. And you will learn that sometimes, it has nothing to do with you – women may reject someone for the most random reasons, like having a bad day, having menstrual cramps (this is actually a legitimate reason, and I’ve confirmed it by asking my 2 sisters and their college friends), maybe worrying about important stuff in their lives, or maybe just something about you reminds them of someone they don’t like.

Once you learn that if someone rejects you that doesn’t mean you are a bad person (unless you were a jerk to them), but it’s just that you’re not good for each other, you’ll instantly become more confident and calm knowing that, after all, you don’t have to win over all the females in the world – you just need to find that one who can love you and accept you with all your flaws. One more thing, remember that course I was talking about earlier? It’s called the psychology of attraction and it’s your guide to how a girl thinks, what she finds irresistibly attractive, and how to use psychology to make her want you. Marketing headline aside, it’s an animated course that teaches you stuff like texting tips, reading body language, rejection training, and how to understand any girl. I’ve helped so many guys with it, there’s tons of testimonials that I can’t just not share, so check out the link in the description and see how you could transform your life by understanding the psychology of attraction. Thank you guys so much for watching, and until next video!


Theodore created PracticalPsychology in his mother's basement after quitting university at age 19. From there, a dream was born to change lives by helping people understand how their brain works. By applying practical psychological principles to our lives, we can get a jumpstart on the path of self-improvement. 1,500,000 Youtube subscribers later, and that dream continues strong!

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