7 Psychological Signs of Success – Traits of Successful Entreprenuers

Hey guys! In this article I’m going to be talking about 7 signs that successful people have. This means you can look into yourself to see if you have these qualities, and predict, to an extent, if you may be like them, or look to your friends, to see if they might be successful. All of these are in your control to at least some form, which means you can also take these traits and grow them, constantly work on them, to increase your comparative advantage to be more successful. 

1) Competitive

Successful people are usually highly competitive. In many ways too. They are competitive when selling a product, when advertising, when offering the cheapest price, when reaching goals, but it all comes down to competitively offering the most value. Take a look at some of the largest brands out there, they all have competition, and without their CEO’s being super competitive, they would not have succeeded. Now, it is important to be competitive in two areas, the first, obviously is other brands, businesses and people in your market that are trying to steal your customers.

This happens all the time, but what distinguishes massively successful people from the rest, is the fact that they are competitive against previous version of themselves. They are always bettering themselves in many ways, and we will talk about that in a future step. So having a competitive nature is a great trait of someone successful.

2) Obsessive

Obsessive. So when most people think of obsessive behaviour, a negative connotation is correlated with it, I actually made a whole video about that. But, think more like very focused, driven, and dedicated. You can’t have a multimillion dollar business without being obsessed about the product, your employees, your customers, and most importantly your vision. This trait ties in with the first one, to be competitive, always tracking your competition, being obsessively tracking your own growth and always knowing where you are. Psychologically, being obsessive means you’re always thinking about it, adapting it, changing it to be better.

3) Always Learning

There are many ways to learn, but successful people never stop learning. When they stop learning, they stop being successful. You just have to stay ahead of the curve, reading new books, going to seminars and conferences if that’s your thing,  talking to the most successful people in your industry, testing, learning, experimenting. Warren Buffett, who’s net worth is over 60 Billion reads at least 5 hours a day, every day. Most people don’t even pick up a book after graduating and getting a 9-5 job. The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

4) Always thinking

Just like Obsessive behavior tied in with competitiveness, thinking ties in with learning. Successful people, especially entreprenuers, are always thinking. Thinking of how can I do this better, how can I reduce the cost of this, Has something like that ever been done before? The cool thing about it is, the more you learn, the more you can think about, the more you can experiment, the more you will increase your chances (combined with hard work) to become even more successful.  

Napoleon Hill stated this in his “Think and Grow Rich”book; having more ideas and learning more will produce more and more ideas, like, imagine the ideas in your head are people, if you have two people in a community, you don’t want their children having children with each other. Introduce them to more ideas, so they can have healthier and even more children. That was a weird analogy, but really if you’re in a rut, start doing something to learn more so you can think more and your brain will grow new ideas and solving problems all by itself.

5) They End things – persistence

I know a lot of people struggle with this one, but ending things is a great predictor of who is going to be successful later in life. If you have ever started a puzzle, but never finished it, it’s like starting a business and not continuing to work on it. There are many people who are like this, and we need them, but there will always be someone more successful than them.

We need starters, people who have ideas, people who invent, people who create new things and fail, but those who stick with it, and continue to grind when things get hard, those are the ones who will make it big, be remembered, and stay in history forever.

For example, no joke, I counted and I created 98 videos before one big video took off in the recommended  algorithm on this channel. That’s why being passionate about something on Youtube is insanely important to your paycheck. How many channels are people going to start, and quit after 20 videos? After 50 videos? The same with other markets, selling clothes, selling electronics, starting a retail business… someone is going to stick with it longer, learn more, think more, be more competitive and squish their competition who didn’t do those things. So, this tip could be summarized into being persistent.

6) ⅓ of people are smarter, earn more, successful

I really like this tip, but a lot of people struggle with it, specifically because it involves meeting new people and maintaining a relationship. It also involves cutting out toxic people, and most of the time the most toxic people are those you’re closest too. I’m going to be working on some psychological tips and more videos on ways to find and meet people who are smarter, earn more, or are generally more successful than you think you are currently, but if you’re not spending at least a ⅓ of your time around people who are doing better than you, you’re draining yourself and throwing a lot of growth and potential success away.

A lot of motivation, inspiration and work ethic problems could really be solved with changing the people you hang out with most often. That is super important, and I’m going to make a video on the psychological aspect and benefits of spending your time around people who are in a better position than you are in, so hit that bell to be prepared!  Spending time around these people will also help you with learning more and thinking more too. Increase the quality of the people in your circle to increase your success.

Now, some people like to surround themselves with people in a way that they will always feel the most successful, by surrounding yourself with unsuccessful people, you’ll stand out and feel bigger, but you won’t continue to grow. Getting rid of your ego and spending time around people who are better than you will make you better.

7) Realistically optimistic

This tip comes into play not only in business, but in life in general. You’ll be happier, have more energy, and make better decisions. Everyone knows what optimism is, but let’s discuss realistic optimism. You’re not going to be happy or a millionaire if you’re complaining about how the stocks are super low, nobody will buy your product, how your competition will always be better than you. However, you can’t go too far the other way either, don’t pay $50,000 for a product you haven’t tested, you have to be realistic about it, just because you have an awesome idea that came from your heart, and your mom support you 110%, doesn’t mean people are going to buy your solar-powered, eco-friendly toothbrush, Rick. Optimism does great things for your mental health, and actually your physical health. A study, I read in “Learned Optimism” by Martin Seligman, showed that optimism could actually reduce your chance for cancer, but the same book also said most optimistic people had a deluded perception of the world, which is why you have to be realistically optimistic.
SO, the seven things, be on the lookout for these qualities in yourself, in your friends, and work everyday on developing these traits, because I believe, and psychology proves you can improve some of these. You can become more optimistic, you can spend more time around higher quality friends, you can pick up a book for 30 minutes a day, and these will set you apart from the crowd, from those who will continue to complain about how unsuccessful they are and those who will sit in a chair in 70 years wishing they had another chance.


Theodore created PracticalPsychology in his mother's basement after quitting university at age 19. From there, a dream was born to change lives by helping people understand how their brain works. By applying practical psychological principles to our lives, we can get a jumpstart on the path of self-improvement. 1,500,000 Youtube subscribers later, and that dream continues strong!

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