Copywriting KIT

A toolbox of videos and resources explaining the foundations of earning a secondary income through the skill of writing persuasively

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the skill of grabbing attention and writing persuasively. 

It's your first-class ticket to turn the words you type into cold-hard cash. Whenever you want. 

Essentially it's just the use of words to help sell something. Whether that "something" be an advertisement to sell a product, a piece of content to convince a reader, or a script to offer a membership. 

The sad thing about business is that the popular saying "if you build it, they will come" isn't true. 

You can have the absolute BEST product out there, and 0 customers. Zip.

You have to market your product, idea, or service in a way that makes a customer choose you over your competitors (or not choosing at all). 

Copywriting accomplishes this!

Why is Copywriting important?

Without beating around the bush, it's important to you because it can earn you more money

Copywriting is a huge untapped industry where online businesses are paying MILLIONS to help improve their content and the ROI of their ads. 

I mean, if you could pay someone to create this (or do it yourself for an affiliate campaign), would you?

(That's $825 spent, and $3564 earned for the business... 332% ROI!)

Honestly, our economy has been doing really, really well over the past 10 years. If you know anything about history... you know what's coming. Those without a marketable skill won't stand a chance.

I love Copywriting because it's something that EVERY business needs. It's a marketable skill that will never retire...

Just like people need food... businesses need great copy. 

Also, if you master this skill, you can literally live anywhere in the world with access to the internet.

It's actually super common that an average digital nomad can earn $1500 per month. That's a lot of money for most of the world:

Woah... How can I get started?

Well, when I started figuring all of this out, I also started researching beginner copywriting courses. 

Here's what I found (yes, these are on the market today...):

Well, no wonder this market is untapped and unsaturated. To get started you need to sell your car...

Being the entrepreneur I am... 

And having access to over 1,500,000 Youtube subscribers...

I wanted to find a way to offer the same value at a much lower price. 

So I did just that... 

I bought all those courses. 

I read TONS of copywriting books (you should read some too, copywriters are great at holding attention!)

I even called a few copywriting coaches (boy, they were not cheap...)

But it was all worth it in the end.

What I learned ABSOLUTELY changed my online business. Copywriting became my cash-cow income-generating secret. 

Just this last Black Friday, I earned $10,000 in a SINGLE day by sending a few emails...

You might still be wondering "I wanna learn!" with even more curiosity!

Well, lucky for you I'm pretty experienced in teaching, training, and coaching people a skill. 

My Youtube channel has over 70,000,000 total views,

I've created 3 top-notch online courses:

and I have a successful mastermind with over 300 students. You can join here if you want 😉

I used my knowledge of teaching people, and what I learned about copywriting to create...


CopywritingKIT is a toolbox of videos and resources explaining the foundations of earning a secondary income through the skill of writing persuasively.

Once enrolled, you get complete and full access to over 20 videos detailing the ins-and-outs of writing attention-grabbing and result-oriented copy. Students get lifetime access to all future updates, plus MP3s and PDFs of each lessons. 

Here's some of the animated and engaging videos I've added so far: 

  1. How to write eye-catching Headlines that entice clicks
  2. How to write delicious Bullets and Lists
  3. Nailing your Call to Actions for maximum reach
  4. The right way to agitate a customer (and then offer them a solution)
  5. Stupid Features and Genius Benefits
  6. 3 Types of Content for your Customers
  7. Maximizing Personal Pronouns for Profit
  8. The Profitability of Information Gaps
  9. The importance of being similar and familiar
  10. How to tickle their curiosity and why it's the most important trait
  11. How to match a product to an audience
  12. Frameworks for Copywriting (So you don't have a blank draft)
  13. Finding and Leveraging your Unique Selling Proposition
  14. Coming up with Copywriting Ideas
  15. The Power of StoryTelling
  16. 4 Stages of Copywriting Competence
  17. Similarity and the Mere-Exposure Technique
  18. How to Write Persuasively
  19. How to Write Compelling Content
  20. How to Score your First Copywriting Job!

This training program contains EVERYTHING you need to start your journey of becoming a master copywriter. 

From start to to your very first paycheck. 

Plus, I've got some awesome bonuses ready to show you; including pulling the curtains to my very own autorepsonders, sales page breakdowns (like how this sales page was set up) and my full business funnel. 

(Autoresponders are software that allow you to send highly-targeted emails to your hungry customers exactly when they want your emails)

That's right, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at my very own business that generates 5-figures+ per month with very little upkeep

The goal of this course is to: Help you become crazy persuasive and land a high-paying copywriting gig

What some beta-testers say about this NEW training:


What stood out for me in this program is the attention to detail and dedication to honesty. It encourages you to be genuine in your posts and promotes ethical methods of getting ahead in the industry. The internet is plagued with scams and ‘click bait’ designed to generate a quick buck. By following this program, you can be assured of long-term sustainable success.

The skills you will acquire through this program will enable you to attract an overwhelming amount of traffic to your sites and convert the bulk of them into sales effectively doubling or tripling your income.


Clint O.


If you are looking for an informative, easy to understand, in-depth and animated (Yes, animated!) online course about copywriting - this is the only one you need.

As a digital nomad, this course helped me increase the income I earn from copywriting from clients by teaching me how to negotiate my price-per-word and deliver better results. Imagine impressing your clients so much... that THEY recommend a price change! 

I highly recommend this course to people who want to work remotely and travel the world! Who knows, copywriting might be your gateway to the world.


Michelle F.


This is a rare online course with a humble approach to explaining copywriting with as much clarity as possible. I had a quick breakthrough within the first 15 minutes where I learned more than a few online persuasion tricks targeted to improve the dull text into something magical, so my readers are nudged to buy.

The videos are incredibly enthusiastic which make you feel you're personally mentored. The information is quick to digest, easy to understand, and without any jargons, making it perfect even for the beginners. The additional resources including the proven Upwork guide are valuable, and battle tested.

If you remotely care about becoming a result-driven copywriter, you need to buy this short course (before your competition does!) I've already recommended this course to my team


Varun S.


I'm a copywriter who has been in the industry for a few years, and I am always still on a learning journey as with each passing day, the industry is being developed. Going through the courses here enabled me to get a full dose of everything that is needed to really understand human behavior. I was really impressed because it provides a step by step processes on how to effectively master the skill. If you are seeking training to build your expertise to better market yourself as a writer amongst your competition, then you can consider enrolling as a great investment!


Chev M.


I was immediately caught by the simplicity, and the easy step-by-step instructions and tips on how to write. Simple facts about how to catch the readers, listeners or viewers attention presented in an intelligible manner, accompanied by animations that enhances the understanding of the topic. I can definitely, without exaggerating, say that this course is amazing! It delivers what it promises, without a doubt.

What this course does is to make it both fun and easy to start writing, and actually think about HOW you write to get the attention that you want.


Magnus Y.


Everything you need to be an effective and professional copywriter is broken into simple 5-7 minutes videos. Whether you’ve never heard of copywriting before, or you are a seasoned copywriter yourself, you must get this course, because I know for a fact it will make you more money when you use what Theodore teaches inside!

I can’t honestly say I’ve ever learned so much helpful content for my craft in one sitting. If you want to earn money online, on your own terms, you must get this course. I can’t think of a better place to start ^.^


Forest E.

Learn how to persuade buyers TODAY!

If you’re ready to double down and invest in yourself to learn copywriting… click the red “ENROLL NOW” button below to get instant access to all of the juicy training videos and lifetime access to all future updates of the these courses!

I'm ONLY letting in 100 students at this discounted price because I don't want to saturate the market with talented copywriters... effectively reducing the profitability of this skill...


I'm a simple dude. I have simple beliefs. I believe if I promise you something, and you don't get what was advertised... then I stole from you. Being simple has it's perks, like having a conscious. I want you to be able to enroll in this training risk-free without the fear of being taken advantage of. 

So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Join the program and see for yourself. No hassles and no risk. Getting a refund is as easy as asking for one. 

Free Bonuses (worth $1788)...


#1 My Autoresponders ($997)

Yes! I pull the curtains to my very own autoresponders. Sometimes, you need an inspiration to help write more creatively. These autoresponders have been tweaked throughout time to become high-engagement and profit-generating emails... and you get full access to them! 

#2 Sales Page Breakdowns ($497)