Fun and Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out (without being awkward)

What are some fun and cute ways to ask a girl out?

This is a common question and certainly not an easy one to get an answer for or else you won’t be here reading this, right?

Asking a girl out these days is not as simple as it was a few decades ago when you can just ask for her phone number, try to talk to her, and perhaps see her at her home or go on a date after getting her dad’s A-okay.

There was no need to think of fun and cute ways to ask a girl out back in the day, right?

Things are definitely a lot more complicated now and the last thing you want is to seem like you’re too eager, too out of it, or worse, a creep!

The Real Ways to Ask a Girl Out

So what are fun and cute ways to ask a girl out, you ask?

The truth is; there is no just one answer to this question. There are many variables to consider including:

  • Are you friends or strangers?
  • How long have you known her?
  • How young is she? After all, how a girl of 18 thinks can be very different compared to a woman of 25 or a lady of 33.
  • What are you risking here? Will you see her in person quite a lot (in school or at work) or could this be your only chance to ask her out?
  • Are you looking for fun and cute ways to ask a girl out for a casual date or for a special day such as prom or college ball?
  • And so many other factors.

See how many ways you can mess things even when merely looking for fun and cute ways to ask a girl out? Well, that is true; but it is also true that with so many variables involved, there is a huge chance for success of you finding fun and cute ways to ask a girl out that will definitely work for the specific girl in question.

How can you pull this off?

The first step to finding fun and cute ways to ask a girl out is that you’ll have to understand how she’ll perceive your actions from HER perspective.


Because what you might think (or have read) as fun and cute ways to ask a girl out may be very different from what a female’s idea of the concept! This is why we’ve taken a psychological approach for this article and not the usual list that you would see from amateur write-ups about fun and cute ways to ask a girl out.

Are you ready to understand what makes some ways to ask a girl out cute and what makes some a flop? Keep reading!

Know that Awkwardness is Okay

Stop trying to pretend to be someone you’re not. Yes, there are many scientifically proven ways that make men more attractive to women and being a bit quirky or awkward is often left out of such lists. Guess what, real life proves that awkward guys are attractive.

But why is this so?

Women have a tendency to find awkwardness and shyness endearing. Being a bit quirky and not smooth like a player advertises that you’re authentic and not playing games; hence, making you more attractive to most women. They can’t help it. They will find your authenticity cute and irresistible.

Applicable tips that are fun and cute ways to ask a girl out:

  • Is she a stranger? Don’t try to plan everything or have a script. Catch her (and yourself) off-guard by simply asking her out. Don’t fret about stuttering or being obviously nervous. Non-rehearsed lines are cute. Period.
  • Do you know her enough to know if she likes getting surprised? Show up with her favorite flowers with a cheesy note asking her out. It doesn’t matter if you look like you’re being read a death sentence while handing her the flowers because what she’ll see is the fact that you’re trying and being cute while at it. That’s another fact – effort is cute!
  • Have you known her for quite a while? Get tickets for a concert, a movie, or an exhibit that she wants to see. Tell her you got them in the hopes she’ll want to go with you. Better yet, ask her to take you with her after handing her the tickets in a joking way. She’ll find it hard to say no.

Be Fine with Displaying Vulnerability

This is an offshoot from the first tip but this works on the psychological level as well; making you more attractive (and very cute) to women.

But why do people think that vulnerability is attractive?

Women find vulnerability attractive for the same reasons that we men find it attractive – it signals honesty and authenticity!

Letting her know that you’re well aware that she can reject you and yet you tried to ask her out anyway shows that you’re emotionally mature, can handle possible rejection well (making you braver in her eyes), and emotionally available for her.

Applicable tips that are fun and cute ways to ask a girl out:

  • Send her a note saying something like “I know you’ve already probably have heard a lot of guys say that they want to go on a date with you, but I want to spend time with you because I’m hoping we can get to know each other better. Please say yes {insert smiley face to lighten up the note}”.
  • Not a fan of notes? Say the above in person!

Show Her That You’re Thinking About Her

Show her that you’ve taken time and consideration to find out what she likes or at least tried to find something unique about her. Use that knowledge to research some fun and cute ways to ask a girl out that you think will work for her. You’ll really have to do your homework here but it will be worth it!

Applicable tips that are fun and cute ways to ask a girl out:

  • You can still use this as one of the fun and cute ways to ask a girl out even when asking out a girl who’s a virtual stranger. Ask yourself: Does it seem like she’s heading somewhere or just chilling? If she seems busy, you may still approach and say something like, “I’ve noticed you’re preoccupied but I would really want to invite you for coffee/quick lunch/grab a bite when you have some time. Would that be okay with you?” Something as neutral as that can brighten up her day and make her think your ‘moves’ are cute.
  • If the girl is someone you’re already quite chummy with, then inviting her to do something she likes (or volunteering to go with her) is definitely under the dating approaches that belongs to the fun and cute ways to ask a girl out. This isn’t a friendzone move if you clearly let her know that you want to spend time with her and know her better as a person.

Be Confident But Avoid Being a Jerk

Women find confidence attractive and that is a fact. However, you should note that acting like a playa or you’re God’s gift to women is a display of insecurity. Rather, find a way to show that you have healthy self-esteem by simply being you.

Yes, the above sounds like a cliché that shouldn’t belong to the fun and cute ways to ask a girl out in most men’s books but the best way to show confidence is really just by being yourself. Make sure that you don’t seem too pushy or seem that you’re expecting her to just say yes as though you’re entitled to her time. It would be best to keep your approach a bit low profile so that she can have the option to say no without embarrassing you or seeming like she’s a heartless heartbreaker.

Applicable tips that are fun and cute ways to ask a girl out:

  • If you’re going for a “will you go out with me” banner, avoid recruiting an entire neighborhood to hold it up for you because you chose to make it too big. A small one held by you will have just as much impact while having the benefit of being extra cute.

Use Food!

Hey, this is not a joke! One of the fastest ways to a girl’s heart or at least one of the fun and cute ways to ask a girl out is through food.

Applicable tips that are fun and cute ways to ask a girl out:

  • Send her cookies or a small cake with a note asking her to go on a date with you.
  • Tell her you got a reservation in a restaurant she likes (will require some sleuthing skills) and that you could go together if she wants to.
  • Cook for her! Plus points if you manage to find out what’s her favorite dish and make that for her. Not sure how to do this? Tell her you’ve been trying this new dish and would like to know what she thinks of your cooking. If she responds positively tell her you were learning it for her (will best work if you’ve known each other a while so you don’t seem like a creep).

The psychological approaches we shared here about formulating fun and cute ways to ask a girl out isn’t exhaustive. As mentioned earlier, her perception of what is cute and her personality will play a huge role in what fun and cute ways to ask a girl out will specifically work for her.

Know that the psychology of attraction is a complex process. That’s why dating isn’t linear!


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