Dating Tips for Men You Need To Know – 11 Attractive Tips

Dating in the world of new technology may look simple enough, but the classic questions and insecurities still stand. Things like who should pay or where to meet still haunt men even in the age of Tinder.

The man still bears a lot of responsibility in the dating game since, traditionally, he is the one expected to pay the bill, choose the location, or even ask the woman out. However, there is a second layer of uncertainty in today’s world because you don’t know if your date agrees with these so-called traditions.

So how can you make sure your dating strategy is a winning one? This guide on dating tips for men you need to know is here just for this. By following my advice, you will come forth as a confident man who feels good with who he is and enjoys the presence of a lovely lady.

1) It’s Still Fashionable to Be Your True Self

Phrases like “Of course that car is mine (imagine rented sports car, latest model)!” or “I would love to go shopping with you!” don’t fly for too long.

Let’s face it – no one is who they are on a first date. We all dress nicer than usual and behave better, eat healthier, and drink less. However, it’s important to show your date a version close to reality.

Men like to impress but this doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything she says or talk about the supercars you don’t have. When the veil falls, she will be disappointed and the magic will be gone forever.

So my first advice on the list of dating tips for men you need to know is be yourself and hope for the best! If she doesn’t like who you are, it’s best to know from the first date.

Dating Tips For Men You Need To Know – Confidence is Key

Confidence (not cockiness) is the best way to impress a woman. But make sure to show confidence while being yourself, because otherwise you would be just posing.

I discovered the confidence is highly connected with competence, so choose a discussion topic with which you are familiar. Talk about your hobbies or books/movies you like. Stir the conversation towards things you know and are passionate about and this will give you the confidence boost you need.

Let me tell you a small secret: women value a confident man, who feels good in his own skin, so if you’re a bit shy about your looks, don’t let her know. If you charm her with your charisma, she won’t even think about your abs.

2) Don’t Ask Her Out via Tex or Email

If you’re not 16 you shouldn’t be using the tools a 16-year old would use! Women appreciate confidence (as mentioned above), but they also like to feel valued. So, if you ask her out with a text or email it shows you don’t really care.

If you’ve been talking online and she gave you her phone number, call and ask her out for a date. It will give you a chance to see how she is in real-life and it will show you are confident enough to call and be personal about this.

One of the most important dating tips for men you need to know: a phone call only takes a few minutes but it’s enough to know if you really want to go out on a date with the person. If nothing else comes out of this, at least you will save yourself from the experience of a horrible date.

3) Don’t do All the Talking

Maybe you’re nervous or you want to make sure she knows how great of a guy you really are, but you shouldn’t be the one that’s doing all the talking. The date should have a balanced conversation, where you both get to share your stories and enjoy each other’s presence.

If the discussion hits a wall, it’s best to have a few neutral topics prepared. Ask her about favorite activities, her childhood, or her job – this should get things going smoothly.

4) Don’t Rush in the Online

Online dating is a huge thing these days and, if you meet someone like this, you shouldn’t push for an in-person meet too soon.  Get to know the person by talking on the phone or via Skype – this way, when you do go out on a date, there won’t be any surprises (on any side).

5) First Impression is Important

I know I started this list of dating tips for men you need to know with ‘be yourself’, but there’s an addition to this: be yourself while looking your best. No, you don’t have to go shopping for expensive clothes and you don’t need to rent a fancy car. Just make sure you get a haircut (or style your hair), don’t wear your famous ripped jeans and t-shirt, take a shower before the date and use some cologne.

Women pay attention to this type of details and it shows you care enough to do some grooming. She doesn’t need to see the caveman from the first date!

6) Old-School Still Works

One of the most ignored dating tips for men you need to know is that old-school gestures are still charming. So, without being too ceremonious open the door for her, hold the seat out, or get her coat. It doesn’t mean she can’t do all these by herself, it shows you appreciate her and you are a gentleman.

The secret is to naturally integrate these charming small gestures in your behavior. So, if you’re not used to doing them, do some practice before the date.

7) Forget About your Phone

There’s nothing more annoying than going out with someone that’s glued to their phone. If you’re on the phone all the time (talking or chatting) it doesn’t show you’re a busy man; it shows you don’t give a damn about the person right in front of you.

So, put the phone away, and if you can’t completely turn it off, mention that your date may get interrupted because you’re expecting a very important call. Apologize in advance and try to focus your attention on your date.

Of course, if she is the one on the phone, feel free to say something about this. If she still insists on using the phone during your date without a very good reason, you can just get up and leave.

8) Keep it Fun and Flirty

No one wants to get on a first date and discuss politics or work! So keep the conversation light and try to make her laugh with cute jokes and funny topics. If you like each other, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss serious things at a later stage in your relationship.

On the list of dating tips for men you need to know is that most women find an analytical conversation quite boring regardless of the interesting facts you may share. So, add flirtatious overtones and keep things interesting with intrigue and humor. If you’re not comfortable with creating such a conversation, ask for help from one of your female friends. After all, good conversation is an art that requires practice.

9) Make It Memorable

Do you like the idea of sitting at a table for two hours, awkwardly waiting for the food and sipping wine/water just to pass the time? She doesn’t either!

So why not make things more interesting? Instead of going to a fancy restaurant, do something fun together like bowling, going to a movie, hiking, enjoying a karaoke night, and so on. There are plenty of activities you can enjoy together and the dating process gets a lot smoother.

Now she won’t be thinking of you as the guy who took her to a boring date; you will be the fun guy who knows how to enjoy life.

10) The Matter of the Bill

I included this on the list of dating tips for men you need to know because it’s one of the questions I received the most from men.

The matter of the bill is a delicate issue and should be treated with finesse. First, it’s elegant and gentleman-like to offer to pay. Most women will appreciate your gesture but still decline your offer looking to pay for their share of the bill.

In this case, if you want to get a second date, you can insist on you treating this time but suggest she could get the bill on your next date. It’s a subtle way to check on her opinion of you, ask for a second date, and still be the gentleman. If she wants a second date, she will agree. If not, you’ll split the bill and see where things go from there. Don’t be too stubborn about this!

11) Just Have Fun!

This is the final advice on my dating tips for men you need to know. Dating can be nerve-wracking, but only if you let it. Be yourself, find ways to make the date entertaining, and show her how cool you can be by enjoying the experience. If things don’t go any further, at least you had fun!


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