How to Prepare for a First Date


Congratulations! Perhaps after days, weeks, or even months, of messaging a romantic prospect – you’ve only gone and done it. You’ve got yourself a date! Half the battle may already be over, but what about the other half yet to come? If you’re feeling a little nervous pre-date, which is only natural, the trick is to ensure that you’re the most prepared that you can possibly be. Read on for our tips on how to prepare for a first date.


Decide on a venue.

First of all, be courteous. Ask your date what they’d like to do as your first date. Some people like to do the standard dinner date, and some like an easy and casual drink, but there are those out there – those brave individuals – that like to do something out of the norm. It’s these types of individuals that put the fear of God up us mere mortals. (What do you mean you want to go paintballing? On a first date? But we haven’t even had the chance to speak to each other yet!) Whether your date is traditional, or the more adventurous type, ask them their preference is and then try to come to an agreement. Can’t decide between you? How about one of you takes the lead with the first date and the other takes the lead with the second? (Assuming there is going to be a second date, of course.)


Arrange the finer details beforehand with your date.

As soon as you’ve decided what your first date is going to entail, you need to pick a date and time. This can be a nightmare, as the average working adult is always busy trying to find time to exercise, maintain a house, do life admin and socialise alongside their full-time job. However, if your date likes you as much as they say that they do, then they will make a slot available for you. Also make sure you arrange the nit-picky details before the actual day of the date to avoid unnecessary panic and confusion in the run up to it. Nobody wants to show up at 8pm and their date has already left because they thought it was at 7pm.


Shower and groom yourself.

Rule 101: don’t show up to your date in last night’s clothes, smelling of the tuna salad that you had for lunch. (Yum!) It goes without saying, but always wash yourself before you meet someone new who has romantic potential. You don’t want to turn them off before you’ve even had chance to speak to them because of an overwhelming bad stench. Oh and you might want to consider trimming down the monstrous beard that looks like you’ve got a ferret on your face. Or shave your hairy Mary legs if you’re a lady and you’ve got your legs out. Showing up presentable is an important part of first date etiquette.


Wear a killer outfit.

Showing up presentable also involves looking smart in whatever you’re wearing. (Unless you’re going paintballing, because then you’d need to wear practical, comfy clothes – obviously.) You want to wear something that’s going to impress, so think about your choice carefully. Dress for the occasion, but don’t overdo it so much that it looks like you’ve tried too hard. Choose a color that suits you, as well as something that you love to wear and feel good in, and that confidence will shine through.


Calm those pre-date nerves.

We’re not going to lie to you; those pesky pre-date nerves are probably going to strike. And when they strike, sometimes they strike hard. Different people do different things to relax themselves. Some put on their favorite music in the car on the drive over and sing their hearts out, some talk to their friends on the phone as a distraction, and some even decide to grab a stiff drink. Whatever works for you, do it. But try to remember that your date will be feeling just as nervous as you. And nerves are a good sign, as it means you really like each other.


Set off in plenty of time.

There’s nothing worse than getting to the day, and almost the time, of your date for you to set off driving at the last possible minute and hit a traffic jam. Then, before you know it, you’re almost 30 minutes late and have left your poor date waiting and hating on you before you’ve even arrived. You might as well not arrive in these cases! The best thing to do on the day of your date is set off early, just to avoid any potential things that could go wrong. If you arrive at the venue early, then it doesn’t matter. You can simply grab a drink while you’re waiting. It says a lot about you to your date if you’re the first one to arrive and you’re waiting for them. You’ll score some extra bonus points without even realising.


If you follow all of these tips, and prepare yourself for your date in every possible way (mentally, physically and emotionally) then this will minimise those pre-date jitters. And whether you’re slightly nervous, really nervous or hardly nervous at all, the adrenaline will get you through. Try to relax and remember it’s a date, not a job interview. More often than not, they’re enjoyable! You’ve got this.


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