The Psychology of Selling

A proven solution to skyrocket your sales, explode your online conversion rates, and persuade buyers to take action using marketing tactics backed by psychology

Do you have a GREAT product, service, or idea... but can't sell it?

Perhaps you've been struggling with your sales for some time - in your job, in the company you're trying to grow, or just generally in life... 

You put your heart and soul in it, but sometimes this still isn't enough.

Sales is more than just having a great product.

Sales is about getting someone else to take action.

Have you ever needed to mow your lawn and you thought “I’ll get to it next week”?

or you've probably thought what millions do each year with the beginning of flu symptoms... “I’ll go to the doctor’s if it gets worse”...

or possibly even more dangerous “I’ll start saving for retirement next year”...

Well, the issue isn’t knowing what we need to do, it’s the fact that we're putting it off - and you KNOW if you started today, if you took action right now, your life would be much better, easier, and enjoyable tomorrow, next week, and years in the future.

You just have to take action to make your life easier.

As a salesperson (even if you think you aren't), your main job is to get someone to take a beneficial action that they’re putting off or procrastinating. 

With the right skills, you can easily convince people to take action thus making their lives easier!

Sales is more than just trading money for a product. It's selling your personality, your ideas, your feelings to someone else so that you can genuinely help them. 

You can have a great product, outstanding service, or world-changing idea - but without the right SALES skills... you won't be able to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience.

Do you feel "scammy" or "sleazy" selling?

Have you ever bought something and felt scammed afterwards or immediately had buyer’s remorse?

Just the other day, I was at a mall a couple days ago, and walked into this supplement store, because I was out of my protein powder I usually drink after lifting.

Anyways, as soon as I walk in and start looking around, this very helpful lady started trying to sell me some other product. 

She goes on and on about how "if I sign up today, I’ll get 80% off" and get some preworkout and other crazy supplements for free with my order. Anyways, after around 10 minutes of standing around, I finally give in and just agree and we walk over to the cash register, she starts ringing the products up and the total comes out to over $200.

Are you kidding me!? $200 and I came in for just protein powder? 

I wasn’t even sure if what she was selling me was legal, it was powder in this pre-packaged Ziplock bag.

I could tell she was trained to get the maximum profit for her business... not to actually help me. 

That’s just one time I felt scammed, but haven’t you ever felt scammed or taken advantage of for buying something afterwards?

Lots of people have! 

It happens so often, there's a word for it... Buyer's Remorse, right?

This is why it’s important to be very careful selling things as a salesperson - because people are weary nowadays.

The best way to make a lot of money selling something... is to sell things you truly believe will help people, plus the personal satisfaction and social boost feel great!

You don't have to coach people online, or change their life with an animated video like I have in order to experience this.

Just last week I sold my old NintendoDS on Craigslist. Upon arrival at the nearest McDonalds, I saw some mom and her 12 year old boy hop out of their minivan. After she gave me $30, I gave her son my NintendoDS and the couple games that went with it. His face lit up like it was a Christmas tree. There's no telling how much happiness and fun he was going to have with it... but in that moment - I couldn't help but smile too 🙂 

It made my day, just like it did his!

See? I used to think salespeople were scammy, but in that moment I was the best kind of salesman - one who cared about his customer. 

What if you could genuinely help people doing what you love...
while making a ton of money in the process?

So problem number 1 was that you had a great product, service, or idea, but don't feel like you have skillset to sell it.

Problem number 2 is that you feel like salespeople are scammy and because of this… you don’t feel comfortable selling things.

But there's one more problem I haven't talked about so far...

Problem number 3… Even though your dream is to actually be doing things that help people, you still can’t find a way to make enough money to accomplish your goals.


Let me illustrate this with a recent example...

My friend used to have a job in a gym where he would get paid extra on commissions, which meant the more he sold, the more he would earn. Now, the product he was selling was great, the gym had an amazing community, and he had the skills to sell, but after he sold $1000 worth of commission in one month, it was like a switch went off in his head and he would sabotage all future sales.

He didn’t know why he couldn’t sell more that month, but I did. I know exactly why YOU aren’t earning more money this month too, why you won’t next month, and probably why you won’t next year… 

The secret has to do with your beliefs. You probably treat sales like a job, not something that’s fun to do and helps the people around you.

Maybe you think money is associated with greed, or that it’s ultimately destructive.

A lot of people do, it's totally natural. Most people get these beliefs from their past spending habits, their parent's beliefs, and... usually from something called a scarcity mindset. 

Let me tell you - you can help a lot of people with money.

Just imagine the feeling you'd get paying for someone's groceries when you saw their smile...

Visualize the feelings of covering your mother's medical bill while she's in the hospital so she can focus on recovering instead of wondering "How the heck am I going to pay for this?"... 

Or picture yourself taking your whole family on a weekend vacation to spend quality time with them. The best stress relief they've had in years (literally). 

I've done all of these... and I wouldn't even have been able to without money. 

So, you might be thinking "Yeah, but how is that related to sales?"

Well... I made all of that money selling things. Selling myself, selling my Youtube channel, selling my products, my ideas, and even selling other people's products (affiliate marketing). On the other side of that sale was a person who had a smile just like that boy who bought my NintendoDS. 

Once I made this connection... that selling = helping people = money... I DOUBLED DOWN!

People have problems, and salespeople have solutions.


  • You want to be a better salesperson AND
  • You want to sell with confidence AND
  • You want to make money helping people


You're just like me.

I used to feel all of these. 

With my entrepreneurial focus and craving for a solution to these 3 main problems, I set out to take and consume every sales course I could find. You know what I found? There was a lot of crap out there. 

Like really - it would blow your mind if you knew how many companies are out there to make a quick buck by selling "sales courses" with nothing but motivational content. Some of these courses costed over $10,000! 

There were also a lot of free courses too. These were usually just crappy blog posts with the hopes that you spent half your life savings on their coaching program so you could rescue your failing business. Note: I'm not saying coaching and courses are bad... just don't overcharge a scared buyer to profit from their fears. 

Anyways, after filtering through what worked and what didn't... 

I also went ahead and read 8 psychology textbooks:

Insert Image

There’s a ton of stuff you can learn by doing that, but I learned especially how people make decisions and what influences buyers.

Yet that still wasn't enough for me... I was hungry for more... I wanted to really master both the art AND science of sales!

So the last thing I did... was buy even more books on sales, closing, reading body language, everything related to sales written by sales experts!

I was dead set on learning everything there is about sales and the selling process. I've learned so much of what to do... but also what NOT to do (which is equally as important). 

I have invested over $30,000 in the past couple of years to cut through all the clutter and understand what sales is REALLY all about.

Then, I started to implement it. Because ideas are just ideas, but action is where the honey is, right?

You’d be blown away at the success you could have, and here’s some awesome proof:

You might be thinking "Yeah... but Theodore, you have over a million Youtube subscribers... you're basically a celebrity. No wonder you make that much money". 

You're right, having the Youtube influence really helps to jumpstart things, but I'm definitely no celebrity! You don't even need that big of an audience to get started. If I could teach you all the stuff I know about sales, you could easily earn 6 figures with only 1000 true fans. 

In fact, what I learned didn’t only help me… I taught other people what I learned through online coaching and here’s what they had to say about me and my programs:


Honestly, I've earned more from what Theodore taught me than from my college degree so far. Sales is a skill everyone needs to know, and even after learning the basics, my confidence in selling skyrocketed. I should be able to pay off my college debt by the end of the year, so thanks!


Jaiden M.

Psychology Major


I sell pest control and Theodore opened an early version of the course to me. I liked learning about the different biases, this helped me understand the basic psychology of selling. Theodore put 15 different proven closing tips to help you increase sales. He covers at least 5 different avenues of selling from social media to direct selling. He also keeps its entertaining to watch and learn. The first day of selling after watching this course, I sold an extra $1,200 worth of pest control.


Wyatt Spigener

Pest Salesman


Even as a university graduate, I can still say that this sales system can offer helpful and eye-opening selling concepts which helped me obtain my job position of working in a sales force for a Fortune 500 company. From increasing sales volume for selling goods or using the concepts to market yourself in the job market, this program will benefit anyone looking to improve their business and quality of life! Thanks so much Theodore 🙂


Andrew Pina

Sales Specialist

Well, I have actually perfected teaching this type of sales system and put everything that works into a course, so you can learn expert sales skills anywhere, anytime

You might be wondering, "How can I learn this system?"...

Introducing: The Psychology of Selling

The most comprehensive and science-based solution to skyrocket your sales, explode your online conversion rates, and persuade buyers to take action using marketing tactics backed by psychology.

The Psychology of Selling is an online video course with lifetime access and future updates. You'll also get follow-along PDFs if you want to print out the course like a book. And, you'll get a downloadable MP3 with each video so you can listen to the content anywhere, anytime... forever!

Before I tell you what The Psychology of Selling is and what makes it unique, let me first tell you what it ISN’T… just so you know exactly what you’re about to experience…

First of all, The Psychology of Selling is NOT yet another “get rich quick”-style fad… It is not some “swallow this magic pill” solution that promises something silly…

Because let’s face it, there are no such solutions in life, and whoever insists there are… is most likely lying to you and is after simply making a quick buck.

So this isn’t for YOU if:

  • You’re just after some “get-rich-quick-scheme” or a “magic pill solution”
  • You’re looking for impossible results
  • You’re not ready to invest in such a system and you’d rather Google everything yourself.

If you have the time, money, and energy to spare for it, great.

However, The Psychology of Selling is definitely NOT something that requires you to sacrifice YEARS of your life, and an arm and a leg for an empty promise…

“Ain’t nobody got time fo that”!

Isn’t it time to put away the gimmicks and start using what’s PROVEN to work?

What makes The Psychology of Selling truly unique is the fact that there’s YEARS of research behind the science-based approach that makes it easier and faster for you to turn into a master salesperson.

I’ve spent countless hours and a ton of my own money to find out what works  – and distilled everything down into a simple system.

I created it for myself, but I’ve tested, perfected, and honed everything down into something that simply works… and I guarantee it WILL work for YOU too.

In fact, The Psychology of Selling was specifically designed to strip away the nonsense, the hype, and the misinformation, and deliver you a proven, step-by-step way to persuade anyone, increase your sales, and skyrocket your revenue.

So this IS the perfect solution for you if:

  • You want to dramatically increase your sales
  • You want to 2X, 3X, or even 10X your current revenue, as quickly as possible
  • You want to impress your bosses and catapult yourself to the top of your company’s charts.
  • You're a blogger, vlogger, or digital entrepreneur looking to sell your own products, or master affiliate marketing
  • You just want to deeply understand what makes people tick and how to persuade them quickly and effectively so that they take the action you want them to take.

What exactly is in The Psychology of Selling?

25 Cognitive Biases

After going through this foundational module, you’ll be able to:

-Instantly go from someone wondering about people’s actions to the person who understands exactly why and how decisions are made!

-Finally understand what makes people tick and how you can easily influence them any way you want, due to an insider’s view into the strange but extremely powerful world of cognitive psychology

-Arm yourself with a down-to-earth explanation on how our brains function and how you can easily make someone like you, hate you (if you’re into it), trust you, or even change for YOU!

-Skyrocket your practical psychology knowledge with the most comprehensive list of cognitive biases ever assembled: from doubt-avoidance and curiosity, to reciprocation, social-proofing, and even authority-misinfluence. This is advanced stuff right here that’ll completely change the way you look at people’s actions.

-Almost always make good decisions (even in emergency situations!) because you’ll become aware of the disruptive effects of the most common cognitive biases. In fact, you’ll be able to make them work for you, thus optimizing your entire life - from small to major decisions!

-Possess insider knowledge that very few salespeople possess, yet alone people not in this profession… Plus, you’re guaranteed to wow your friends and family with “random fun facts” over the dinner conversation, and everyone will be looking at you like a persuasion master.

Psychological Closing Tactics

  • 1
    Anchoring (4:34)
  • 2
    Consistency (3:39)
  • 3
    Curiosity (4:44)
  • 4
    Discounting (4:59)
  • 5
    Building Trust (5:42)
  • 6
    Mere Exposure Effect (5:03)
  • 7
    Objection Handling (5:46)
  • 8
    Pricing Tiers (5:11)
  • 9
    Priming (5:36)
  • 10
    Reciprocity (5:20)
  • 11
    Scarcity (4:55)
  • 12
    Similarity-Attraction Effect (5:47)
  • 13
    Social Proof (6:00)
  • 14
    User Testimonials (5:46)
  • 15
    Paradox of Choices (4:06)

After going through this highly-practical module, you’ll be able to:

- Get your hands on an all-powerful toolbox of sales tricks based entirely on scientific principles, and engineered specifically to get people to do exactly what you want them to (whether that’s clicking a button, signing a contract, or even going on a date with you!)

- Confidently approach ANY situation where you have to sell something, whether that’s a product, service, or just an idea - and know for a fact that you’ll be armed with the most effective techniques to easily persuade anyone of anything...

-​ Hijack your prospect’s mind and bend their reality so that whatever you’re asking for will seem more than reasonable to them. Plus, you’ll be able to create “win-win” situations and your clients are going to LOVE you for it!

- Completely melt your prospect’s eventual objections and quickly bring them over to “your side”, with an unconventional technique designed to cull resistance.

- Set the stage for any negotiation in your favor, waaay before you start talking face to face with your prospect, by utilizing a few disruptive tactics. This way you can ensure that all odds are stacked in your favor and you’re in a GREAT position to begin with.

Methods of Selling

After going through this advanced “ninja tactics” module, you’ll be able to:

-Ethically persuade anyone to take action right now, thus increasing your income, sales, closing rate and confidence!

-Get the most effective techniques of the most successful marketers out there. These are people who have been in the trenches for decades, tried thousands of strategies and tactics and only kept the best of the best. Now this can be yours.

-Know exactly which techniques to utilize in any given situation, depending on your objective and type of prospect you’re dealing with (this even works with “difficult” clients!)

-Get into instant rapport with your prospect and leverage this rapport to gain massive trust. (In fact, your prospects will gladly reveal to you their deepest desires are pains - making the act of selling to them seem like child’s play...)

-Easily take your prospects on an emotional ride that’s like a slippery slope, so that at the end of this journey they’ll be ready to be buying from you - no questions asked.

-Masterfully use specifics words, phrases, and psychological triggers borrowed from NLP to physically “hack” their brains and compel them to take action immediately! (this part is so powerful that you have to promise to ONLY use it ethically - remember, with great power comes great responsibility)

--Create ridiculously persuasive messages and elevate yourself head and shoulders above your competition, whatever niche you’re in. In fact, these could even take you to becoming the top 1% in your industry!

  1. The timeless classic that you simply can’t go wrong with: AIDA
  2. The foundational 8Ps of Marketing, applicable to any business
  3. Jab Jab Jab Right Hook - Marketing Legend Gary Vaynerchuk’s Bullet-proof Technique to Knock Your Competition Out Cold
  4. A Surprising Technique to Create a Pain of Not Buying in Your Prospects
  5. A framework for effectively differentiating between features & benefits
  6. NLP: the surest way to literally hack your prospect’s brain
  7. Increasing your sales tenfold with the mind-blowing power of Storytelling
  8. The tried and tested Soap Opera Sequence for getting you maximum clicks and orders
  9. Proven strategies for converting Hot, Warm, and Cold Audiences
  10. Yes Ladders: advanced tactics to covertly move your prospect towards to the final YES
  11. A simple but insanely effective 5-Step Formula that will catapult you in front of your competition.
  12. And Straight Line Persuasion: a revolutionary framework that has made its creator hundreds of millions - and created the Wolf of Wall Street legacy

Copywriting Tutorials

  1. Headlines That Instantly Stop Readers Dead in Their Tracks
  2. Mouth-Watering Bullets That Create Unstoppable Desire
  3. Your No-Nonsense Guide To Creating a Landing Page that Converts
  4. Using Scarcity and the Fear of Missing Out the Right Way
  5. High-Converting Emails That Get Opened and Generate an ROI of 44X
  6. The “Laugh-your-way-to-the-bank” Video Sales Letter Guide
  7. Crafting a Call to Action That Is Impossible NOT to Click
  8. Master Storytelling, the Most Underrated Profit-Growing Strategy in ALL of Marketing
  9. How to Create Deep Emotional Connection By Agitating The Problem
  10. The Crucial, Business-Killing Difference Between Features and Benefits in Copywriting
  11. The Untold Secret of Creating Desirable Content that Ranks High and Gets Shared
  12. Using the Customer’s Own Language: How to Ensure that Your Words Touch Their Hearts, Minds… and Wallets
  13. Instant Gratification: The Surest Way to Entice Immediate Action - Right Now!
  14. Gluing Your Prospect’s Attention by Cleverly Using Information Gaps
  15. The Power of Personal Pronouns and How They Quadruple Conversions

After going through this (my personal favorite) module, you’ll be able to:

-Convert more of your prospects into clients happily willing to pay you higher fees than you’ve ever commanded, and rave about you to ALL of their friends - basically giving you free promotion

-Go from zero knowledge to skilled writer in a matter of DAYS, even if you’ve never written anything before. In fact, I’ll teach you how to think like a copywriter before you ever write a word. This will completely change the way you write (and sell) - forever!

-Use elegant patterns of persuasion (instead of being sleazy) which remain undetectable to nearly everyone of your prospects... However, make no mistake: these patterns are so potent that they can put your prospects into a “buying frenzy” as long as you are selling something worth buying!

-Know exactly how to identify your prospect’s core buying emotion - every time, and write a sales message that triggers their deepest hopes & desires with hard-hitting copy that SELLS

-Banish “blank page syndrome” forever and feel completely confident because the resources in this module will make it easy for you to quickly get started writing ANY type of copy you need…

-Apply proven techniques designed to induce a stronger sense of urgency in your sales messages…so that your warm prospects won’t just want to buy… oh no... they’ll NEED to buy NOW!

-Write REALLY good emails, high-converting sales pages (like this one...), money-milking VSLs, ROI-busting ads, and many more types of copy in no time flat - completely, and I mean COMPLETELY transforming the effectiveness of your business (and making you tons of cash!)

- Also... Copywriting for me is a "High Income Skills". Once I learned the basics - my income blew over $10,000 a month. Just learning the basics will skyrocket your persuasiveness, let alone your income. 


“Gee Theodore, that sounds great, I think I’ll just learn all of this by myself”

Sure, you could do that… but it’ll take you thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours of your own time trying to learn everything…

Not only that but then you’d actually need at least twice that time to test all that you have learned - because let’s face it: theories on their own won’t really make a big difference.

Listen, you’ll inevitably have to get down to the nitty-gritty, and do the dirty work yourself… and trust me, that part ain’t pretty…

So, my question to you is this: do you need this in your life right now?

If you want to do it on your own, that’s completely fine. I’m rooting for you!

However,  you can spare all the hassle, dead-ends, and countless hours of trying to make sense of it all because I've done ALL the work for you.

That's right, I've gone through this tedious path for you, and mapped out the exact steps you have to take in order to go from struggling to make ends meet - to becoming a sales superstar.

Why take the hard path when you have a proven system that's literally all done for you?

All you have to do is go through the course, apply the power strategies and tactics within, and follow the step by step instructions.

Not only that but you'll also get DOZENS of done-for-you scripts & templates that you can literally copy-paste into whatever project you're doing, change a few lines here and there and voila... now you have a professional, high-converting powerhouse of a sales message.

Need to quickly write a kick-ass email? Check.

Concerned that your call script isn't getting you enough leads? Simply use one of my templates, each optimized for various conversation types!

Heard about the power of email marketing but you have no freakin' idea how to do it yourself? Well, now you have a solid autoresponder sequence that's guaranteed to get you opens and clicks!

It really is that simple!

Add to this all the eye-opening modules on cognitive biases, psychological closing tactics, methods of selling, and - of course, the all-powerful tutorials on copywriting - and you can see why The Psychology of Selling is the most comprehensive course on selling on the internet.

So now you’re probably wondering how much is such an all-inclusive selling system will set you back….

Remember how I spent over 30k just to LEARN these skills? Yeah…

And that doesn’t even include the countless hours of experimenting, trial & error, and testing what really works and what doesn’t.

Now, here’s the “catch” you might be looking for:

In reality, a premium course like the Psychology of Selling is normally not a cheap investment.

After all…how much is the lifetime skill of selling anything to anyone worth to you?

Can you even PUT a price on something that valuable?

Up until now, I was planning to launch the course for $997...

But then I decided to make it more affordable because I understand that this would be a high price for a lot of my fans (even though some of you were willing to pay TWICE that amount!)

…which is why I’ve decided to sell the Psychology of Selling for a retail price of $497.

However, this price is NOT for you...

Here’s the deal:

For a limited time only, I’m going to slash the price of a The Psychology of Selling down to just $297… to test the waters during this launch.

That’s more than 40% off the regular price - a massive savings of $200!

Think about it… for only $297 you could arm yourself with a complete selling system that’s based entirely on the science of psychology and marketing and gives you all the skills necessary to skyrocket your sales, explode your online conversion rates and persuade buyers to take action!

But this crazy low “ launch” price is only valid for a limited time because I'm soon raising it back to $497, where to should be. 

Listen: I'll NEVER offer this at such a low price ever again (in fact, it’s guaranteed to increase once I start adding additional content).

However, if you join today you’ll lock in your membership forever, and you won’t have to pay anything else - ever, while still receiving lifetime updates, full of additional templates, scripts, and bonuses.


If you’re ready to double down and learn to be an expert salesperson who has the ability to skyrocket sales, explode conversion rates, and persuade your customers to take action… click the red “ENROLL NOW” button below to get instant access to all of these value-packed video modules and lifetime access to all future updates of the full Psychology of Selling course.


This course isn’t just about making more money (though you can use it to do that). It’s about truly understanding how to reach out to people in a way that moves them to take action. It’s about behavioral change -- my favorite part of psychology. And if I can help you get new clients...or save time...or even help convince someone to take the action they need to (that they're procrastinating on)...I consider it a job well done.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Join the program and see for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What if I buy this course and don’t learn anything?

Can’t I read all the books you read and learn all of your tricks online?

Does this work for in-person sales people?

You’re just trying to make money selling me how to make money.

How soon will I see results?

How long will I have access? 

What if I'm new to sales?


I've been doing sales for at least 5 years, and on my journey, I've invested probably around $10k in online courses (maybe even more). Believe me, I've seen em all... some were really good, while others not so much. The problem with most sales courses is they tunnel-vision on a single thing, maybe toss in a few high-level strategies and that's it... you're left to put it in practice on your own. The thing I absolutely LOVED about the Psychology of Selling is that it covers tons of topics, gives specific examples for each, and it even includes ridiculously awesome templates for basically any situation. Seriously... I customized one of the phone scripts in 10 minutes and on the first call I booked a client for a $2k contact!!! This stuff works and Theodore knows his stuff that's for sure. I'd gladly pay 10 times what I paid for this course !


Csaba Borzasi

Founder of Game of Conversions


I never thought I could sell like this!

This course has honestly been one of the best things I've done to further my career, hone my skills and grow my company. I had zero knowledge of sales prior to taking the course and came from a film/marketing background. I now feel that I know tons more about the different ways marketing and sales can go directly hand in hand and how I can help funnel my customers through the buyer's journey to build life time loyal customers - every business owners dream!

I've had an 80% increase in social media interaction thanks to the copywriting elements of the course; my copywriting skills have shot up. ​

I am thrilled to have taken the course and find myself referring to it constantly, both within my business and through my copywriting freelancing work. It's brilliant course for anyone interested in learning to sell and grow their business - thank you, Practical Psychology!


Alya Kubati



After completing the course, I really feel that I have learned a lot from it. This is certainly going to help me with my YouTube channel. This course is not just for salespeople, rather, it works for
online influencers too (like me). The content is really refined and it’s to the point. The practical examples and real-world applications are too good which made me look into the motives of
different ads put on by big brands. The biggest problem people face is to start something and since this course makes the concept application look easy, I was more than eager to try some of the tricks on my YouTube channel. 

I would happily recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their sales skills. Not only that, I can recommend this course to online influencers as well because this course has some really good lessons which will be helpful for them!



Youtuber (85k+ subscribers)


I've invested in a few marketing and sales courses online before and I have to say this is one of the best ones I've taken. I really like how it provided an in depth overview of the multiple sales closing tactics and the various methods of selling that can be used in a lot of different situations. The many examples in each module were also super helpful. I run an e-commerce store and I've already began implementing some of the closing tactics I’ve never thought of adding before taking this course. I've added quite a few of the tips from the copywriting section into my email campaigns and product titles/descriptions and I'm very excited about what they add to my bottom line.

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like a well laid out course teaching the in depth basics and psychology behind selling. The course includes added examples and additional resources to take advantage which is a nice bonus as well!


Kyler O.

Ecommerce Marketer


I’ve been self-employed for the past 10 years, and let me tell you…it can be overwhelming! I’ve worked with many experts and gurus, but so few of them delivered on their promise to help me make more money, close more deals, and grow my business. In fact, most of my success came from doing the opposite of what those experts told me to do.

Fortunately, working with Theodore was different. I told him about my business goals and he provided me with no-nonsense steps to help me get there. He was also very supportive of my business goals, and always more than happy to answer my questions, and offer me advice to make my sales page and marketing strategy better. He’s proactive and easy to work with.

I was also blown away by his online course! He offers SO MUCH information! Honestly…he should charge more for it. I can’t even imagine how many hours of work he poured into that thing! Before you hand your hard-earned money to some other business guru, I highly recommend looking at his course. It seriously has everything you need to get your business on the path of success!


Nicole Guillaume



I've finished the course, and it was brilliant! Really informative & I gained a lot of knowledge that can be used in real life situations! - Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

The perfect length videos allowed everything to be easily digested & easy to find again for future reference.
I really liked when you did a whole video on a single book & referenced the book e.g. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.

The concepts learned will definitely come in useful & by you referencing the book it allows me to repeat each concept & reference to my colleagues the specific book it is from to back up this info.

Through my college degree in Marketing, years of previous marketing experience & the tons of other online courses, I have never come across the majority of these tactics. Having them on demand in small 5-minute informative videos also allow me to pick & choose which proven Psychological Sales Techniques topics to refresh on.


Michael Curran

Digital Marketer

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Get a behind-the-scenes collection of a whole bunch of already-tested Facebook Ads that you can literally copy to get optimal click through rates and super low cost-per-actions on.

#2 High Converting Opt-In Pages

This will be your quickest way to your first 1000 email subscribers, which could eventually be profitable and boasting customers. 

#3 Copy/Paste AutoResponder

You can literally just copy these pre-written emails and paste them right into your email software to boost your open rates, action rates, and product interest.

#4 Sales Page Outlines

An archive of sales pages with over 5% cold traffic conversion rates. If you’re new to selling online, 5% is AMAZING and could lead to over 6 figures a month easily with the right traffic!

#5 Cold Calling Scripts

Use these cold calling script examples and modify them for whatever you’re selling! Match these with the tonality and personal pronoun videos for best results. 

#6 Presentation Checklist

Bonus #6 is a simple checklist of everything I cover in the course that you can apply to any sales method to ensure it’s running optimally and leads to the most possible closes. This makes your job as a salesperson super easy and quick!

#7 Emotional "Buzzword" Flash List

Spice up your titles, descriptions, opt-ins and phone scripts using this insanely reactive list of emotional buzzwords. 

#8 Live Reviews of Websites

I review some sales pages, blogs, Youtube channels and other websites with tips to optimize and improve them. You'll get front row access to all my specific tips in action!

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