Text Messages That Will Make Her Want More: A Comprehensive Guide to Impressing the Ladies

So you mustered the courage to ask her phone number and she gave it to you, now what?

Romantic movies make you think that everything is extremely easy from now on. You just call and ask her on a date, but is it that simple? Not really.

It works to call and be charming, but we’re not all conversational wizards. Luckily, if you can’t swipe her off her feet with a great phone conversation, you still have texting. It’s easier since you can take your time and think about it, and it gives you a chance to use text messages that will make her want more.

But there’s a catch: you have to know how to text her. Texting is an art and it takes a bit of practice, which is why we put together a list of text messages that will make her want more. These will work in specific situations so make sure to scroll through the entire list before you choose the ones you like

Text Messages That Will Make Her Want More before the Date

The time between you first start talking with each other and the actual date can be used to your advantage. You just have to be clever about it and use the tools at your disposal. The texts below work on every social media platform, dating app, or even as a plain old SMS.

Taking the First Steps: Ask About Her Day

You’re still in an awkward stage where she doesn’t know you so there’s no need to start saying how much you’d like to be with her. Start with a “Hey Susan, how was your day? Did you do anything fun?”. This opens the conversation and gives you a chance to keep things going.

For the first few texts keep things casually, let her get used to the idea that you are interested in her day-to-day activities and you want to know more.

Be Positive

You don’t want to bring her down so don’t vent about your horrible day. If she’s telling you about how horrible her day was, try to cheer her up. Make her smile, and let her know you were thinking about her. A message like “Today I saw a cute little squirrel in the park … it made me think of you” can always put a smile on a girl’s face.

If you met in a cute way (she spilled a drink on you or you bumped into each other by mistake), the message could be “Today I saw a clumsy girl spilling her drink and it made me think of you”. This way she knows she’s on your mind.

This is also the stage where your messages can get a bit more flirty. After all, your goal is to date her, not to continue having a relationship over text messages.

Flirt but Keep it Light

Don’t be afraid to do some teasing – it keeps the discussion interesting and it lets the girl know you’re not a suck-up. However, adjust the teasing according to the occasion. You found out she likes Science Fiction movies? You can playfully call her a dork (you’re really a closet dork aren’t you?  ;)).

The idea is to show you are confident and you have what it takes to put a smile on her face.

On the list of text messages that will make her want more you can also include making fun of yourself (please don’t understand that you should deprecate yourself in front of her). For instance, you can confess that you’re also a dork, or you like romantic comedies. It’s something sweet that a macho man wouldn’t like to say out loud.

Time to Ask for That Date

The main purpose of these text messages that will make her want more is to pave the way to asking her out. You know you like her, she is responding to your texts and even initiates conversations, it’s time to ask her out!

The best way to ask someone you’re interested in for a date it’s via a phone call, but you can also do it via text if you feel more comfortable. It’s OK to ask her with a text because you already have a connection.

The idea here is to make the text sound natural. For instance, you already know she likes SF movies so a text that says “Hey, wanna go see X movie with me Friday evening?” should get you the date. Of course, you can ask her out for drinks, a dinner, you can go bowling, and so on.

A final piece of advice: Don’t wait too long to ask her out on a date! It’s cool to establish a relationship via text first, but if things go like this for too long, she will lose interest. The best way to establish a connection is to combine dating and texting.

Text Messages That Will Make Her Want More After the First Date

You went out, had a ton of fun, and maybe decided to have a second date (or not, it’s cool both ways). But this doesn’t mean you can’t text her until next time you see each other. Texting helps keep things interesting regardless of the stage of the relationship. Except now you can be a bit bolder.

First Step after the Date

This is a crucial moment because you don’t want to seem needy and desperate but you also don’t want her to lose interest or forget about you.

If you didn’t walk/drive her home, it’s OK to ask if she got home safely. It may be a bit corny and old-style but it works and it shows you care.

Do you want to know a little secret? Women get nervous about dates as well.

The next day you can send a text saying you had a good time on the date and you hope you can see each other again soon (in the case you didn’t establish a second date already). This shows you are interested in moving forward and it’s also a confirmation that you had a good time.

You can also mention a fun moment that happened during the date. It’s a great way to remind her she had a really good time with you. I know she already knows it, but the text will make her smile and think of you.

Keep Her on her Toes

With the mention that you shouldn’t overdo it, texting can be a nice way to maintain the memory of your first date alive in her head. It also shows you are a good communicator and like to include her in your life.

Continue asking about her day but slip in a few compliments and let her know you can’t wait to see her again. Texts like “Hey beautiful, how was your morning?” or if she asks how you’re doing reply with “Thinking about a cool location for our next date”.

Be bold and make sure she knows you are interested in seeing her again. But on the same side, don’t go overboard with the compliments – women like to do a bit of chasing of their own.

Talk about Things she Likes

Now that you know her better and you know about each other’s interests you can have amazing text (or phone) conversations. Use references from TV shows she likes, talk about places she’d like to visit, and so on.

The important thing is to find common ground and build on that. Before you know it, you’ll be on a second, third, or fourth date having lots of fun!

What Not To Do

Now that you have an idea of text messages that will make her want more, I thought it best to give you some pointers on what no to do.

Don’t Be Too Available

As I already said, women like to be chased, but they also like doing a bit of the chasing. If you are always ready to reply within seconds and you’re always waiting for her to end the conversation, she may get bored.

Don’t Get Too Serious

Keep things flirty and jokey until you’re sure she wants something more from the relationship. If you start with declarations of love from the second date you may scare her away.

No Grammar Mistakes

If you’re not 16, don’t text like a 16-year old (with lots of emojis and abbreviations)! But you shouldn’t be mister grammar Nazi either! It’s OK to use words like hangin or walkin and you can use abbreviations like ttyl or brb. With emojis, keep it simple – smileys and winks go a long way but you should stay away from eggplant and squirt emoticons (there’s a time for those, but not in the first texting sessions).

In the end

Now that you have a list of text messages that will make her want more it’s time to go out there and conquer the world! Remember, it’s important to be confident but you should also understand your audience – not every woman thinks the same so you have to adapt to new situations.


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