Free Resources on Psychology

Habit Harvester is the first ever course from Practical Psychology. Learn how to cut, copy, paste, and grow the habits in your life that will allow you to accomplish your dreams!

Personality Psychology is a fun and interesting look at how people behave throughout time. You'll learn how we explain behavior, what traits are and how they are formed, and even how you can predict someone's future from their personality psychometrics. 

Cognitive psychology

Cognitive Psychology is the study of perception, memory, learning, attention, and decision making. Want to learn how to improve your creativity or study better for a test? Cognitive psychologists have already paved the way! 

Improve yourself by learning how your brain works!

A guy’s guide to how she thinks, what she finds irresistibly attractive, and how to use psychology to make her want you

A toolbox of videos and resources explaining the foundations of earning a secondary income through the skill of writing persuasively (AKA Copywriting)

A proven solution to skyrocket your sales, explode your online conversion rates, and persuade buyers to take action using marketing tactics backed by psychology

A simple system to accomplish more, defeat procrastination, and take control of your day using tactics backed by psychology