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developmental psychology

From babies, to children, to adults, the brain just keeps growing and changing. Learn the models psychologists use to understand how it changes and what happens if something goes wrong.

Social Psychology

The study of how people act when they are around each other is a world of it's own. Read some article to learn why people act different around other people. 

Personality Psychology is a fun and interesting look at how people behave throughout time. You'll learn how we explain behavior, what traits are and how they are formed, and even how you can predict someone's future from their personality psychometrics. 


The world of psychology is full of science-lovers who were fueled by the curiosity of the mind. Explore what we know about the brain with them.

Cognitive psychology

Cognitive Psychology is the study of perception, memory, learning, attention, and decision making. Want to learn how to improve your creativity or study better for a test? Cognitive psychologists have already paved the way! 

Habit Harvester is the first ever course from Practical Psychology. Learn how to cut, copy, paste, and grow the habits in your life that will allow you to accomplish your dreams!

Free Psychology Tools:

We developed a FREE 3-in-1 Personality quiz that predicts things about you based on research. Take the free test now! 

Depression Quiz

Modeled after psychological research, this test will point out depressive symptoms to people that may not notice them. Fill out Beck's Depression Inventory

FREE Memory Test

Test your memory with this free memory test in a variety of different ways, and see how you compare. 

Type A/B Personality

Are you super organized and highly efficient, or laid back and relaxed most of the time? Figure out if you're Type A or Type B


This is a brutally honest IQ test all based on how you rank with past test-takers


What is ADHD

Use this free ADHD Questionnaire to help figure out if you need to talk to a professional about future changes. 

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