Ecological Fallacy (27 Examples + Definition)

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If you've ever found yourself making assumptions about individual characteristics based on group-level data, you're not alone. An Ecological Fallacy occurs when you make conclusions about individual members of a group based only on the characteristics of the group as a whole. This article is designed to give you a quick and clear understanding of ... Read more

False Dilemma Fallacy (27 Examples + Definition)

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You're navigating the tricky waters of rational thinking, and suddenly you find yourself trapped between two choices. But wait—what if you're not limited to just those options? This is where understanding the False Dilemma Fallacy becomes crucial. A False Dilemma Fallacy occurs when an argument falsely presents two options or solutions as the only possible ... Read more

Base Rate Fallacy (29 Examples + Definition)

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Have you ever jumped to conclusions, only to find out that you ignored some important basic facts? We're all guilty of it. This article will unpack a common cognitive trap we often fall into, known as the base rate fallacy. A Base Rate Fallacy occurs when we give too much importance to specific information and ... Read more

Bandwagon Fallacy (29 Examples + Definition)

Ever felt the pressure to agree with the majority, even when you secretly disagreed? You're not alone, and there's a term for this psychological trick: the Bandwagon Fallacy. A Bandwagon Fallacy is the mistaken belief that an idea or action is correct or beneficial simply because it is popular or endorsed by influential people. You'll ... Read more

Post Hoc Fallacy (27 Examples + Explanations)

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You're surfing the web, maybe arguing with friends online, and someone drops a seemingly logical point. But something feels off. Could it be a post hoc fallacy in disguise? You've come to the right place to find out. A Post Hoc Fallacy occurs when someone mistakenly assumes that because one event follows another, the first ... Read more

Ad Hominem Fallacy (18 Examples + Definition)

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You've probably stumbled across people arguing by attacking someone's character instead of their ideas. Maybe you've even been guilty of this yourself. The bottom line is, attacking the other person's character instead of their argument is often unproductive, and it's known as an ad hominem fallacy. An ad hominem fallacy occurs when someone rejects or ... Read more

Red Herring Fallacy (29 Examples + Definition)

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You've stumbled across debates or discussions that seem to veer off-topic, haven't you? Well, there's a term for that: the Red Herring Fallacy. A Red Herring Fallacy is an example of a deceptive tactic that diverts attention away from the real issue at hand, steering the conversation towards a different, often unrelated, topic. In this ... Read more

Straw Man Fallacy (28 Examples + Definition)

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You're here to learn about the straw man fallacy, and you're in for an insightful read. The world of debate, arguments and discussion can be filled with pitfalls, and understanding this fallacy is like having a compass to navigate through misleading tactics. A straw man fallacy occurs when someone misrepresents or oversimplifies another person’s argument ... Read more

Tu Quoque Fallacy (25 Examples + Description)

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Have you ever felt cornered in an argument, only to hear the other person point a finger back at you? That’s not fair, you think. Well, you've likely encountered a tu quoque fallacy. A tu quoque fallacy occurs when someone avoids dealing with an issue by claiming that their opponent is guilty of the same ... Read more

Equivocation Fallacy (26 Examples + Description)

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So you’ve probably heard the word fallacy tossed around in conversations about logical arguments and critical thinking. But let’s zero in on a particular kind of fallacy that’s more common than you might think: the equivocation fallacy. An equivocation fallacy occurs when a word or phrase is used with two different meanings in the same ... Read more