Dream of a Blue Snake Meaning (7 Reasons + Interpretation)

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Snakes are one of the most commonly depicted animals in art and popular culture. Seeing them in dreams typically have negative associations, but their interpretation depends on their color, behavior, and much more.

Dream Interpretation of a Blue Snake

The color blue is associated with wisdom, royalty, and the duality of the natural world (it's the color of water and the sky). This makes deciphering its meaning when it appears in dreams challenging. 

Both the color blue and snakes are known for their transformative significance. A blue snake in your dream symbolizes a powerful transformation, after which you have the chance to become wiser. It is a forebearer of spiritual enlightenment and leads you toward your destiny. 

Dreaming of blue snakes is also linked to your relationships. If you've recently experienced emotional trauma, the appearance of this unusual slithering creature in your dreams is likely related to this event.

When you dream of a blue snake, it often signifies a disruptive presence in your life. 

Dream Scenarios Involving a Blue Snake

The appearance of a blue snake in your dream can be related to many aspects of your waking life. The interpretation of this dream becomes much clearer once you look into the specific scenario appearing in your dreams. 

Below are some of the most common scenarios involving a blue snake in dreams and their interpretations.

Dream about Being Chased by a Blue Snake

Being chased by a blue snake is probably the most common dream people have of this animal. It's a frightening experience, although it isn't meant to be. 

It's just a sign that there is a part of your life you've been ignoring. It's usually a significant aspect that, with enough attention, can transform your life.

This dream usually occurs when you're feeling depressed or anxious for seemingly no reason. Once you identify which part of your life is troubling you, your mental well-being will return to its naturally balanced state.

Dream about a Blue Snake Coiled Around Something

Dreaming about a blue snake coiled around something sends a powerful message. This message can come from your subconscious mind, spiritual guides, or the universe itself.

If the snake in your dream coils around a tree, you'll know that the message comes from a spiritual world. 

Trees have been linked to the heavenly realm in many cultures and have been a known source of wisdom since the beginning of time. A blue snake moving towards the crown of a luscious, healthy tree means you're on the right spiritual path. 

If it moves towards the roots, this shows regression in your spiritual life. Similarly, if the tree is unhealthy, you're getting a warning that you should take better care of your spiritual well-being. If it makes the tree look healthier as it slithers across it, you're aware of the changes you need to make.

If the blue snake is coiled around you, you're at crossroads. If you feel suffocated, this is a hint from your subconscious that you're dealing with too much stress. You probably have a strong dilemma you can't resolve, and it's affecting your mental health and relationships.

If you are in the middle of a conflict between 2 parties, the vision of the blue snake advises you against choosing sides. Typically, in these situations, both sides expect you to support them. 

If you choose a side, this can lead to many hurt feelings and even more conflict in the future. It's better to maintain a cordial relationship with both parties.

Dream about a Blue Snake Threatening or Biting You

If the blue snake in your dream is hissing at you or biting you, this is a sign that you'll be hurt by your enemies in your waking life. 

If you dream about being in pain after the snakebite, you'll have a hard time recovering from your enemy's attack. If you die from the snakebite, you'll come back even stronger. Your enemy's attempt to steer you from your path will be unsuccessful, and you'll overcome whatever trouble they've caused you.

Dream about a Blue Snake in Water

When you dream about a blue snake hiding in the water, this represents a transformation that'll take place in your emotional life. 

If the snake moves peacefully through the water, you'll experience plenty of positive emotions. You should be careful because envious people will try to disrupt your good vibes.

If the serpent moves around in fast, jerky motions, this signifies that you'll be facing negative emotions. Be sure to take this warning seriously, and you'll have time to prepare for the onslaught of negative feelings.

Dream about Killing a Blue Snake

If you dream of being attacked by a blue snake, and you kill the snake to defend yourself, you'll defeat your enemies in real life. Once you've eliminated the negative influence from your life, you'll be able to return to the balanced life you need for spiritual growth.

Dream about Several Blue Snakes

When you dream of multiple blue snakes, it shows that you're facing several enemies in real life. If more than one snake attacks you in your dream, you can expect hindrance from several directions.

If the snakes aren't hurting you, you'll only face light criticism or an occasional nuisance from one or two persons around you. 

Small blue snakes symbolize enemies you've underestimated. You'll need to pay more attention to the people around you. 


Dreams of a blue snake reflect an event that will transform your inner world. In most cases, the change is a positive, spiritually uplifting one. Whether it'll be able to do so, depends entirely on you.

The vision of a blue snake indicates that it takes much dedication to overcome life's obstacles. It also tells you that you're more than capable of this feat. You'll also need to keep bad influences away from your life because they can hinder your success.

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