Dream Of A Double Rainbow Meaning (9 Reasons)

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Seeing rainbows and even double rainbows in your dreams is not uncommon. It is a good thing but what is more important is to understand the context and what it means for you. 

Here are some of the most important things you should know about double rainbows in your dreams so you can interpret them for yourself. 

Significance of Rainbows 

When you see a single or double rainbow in your dream, it will always signify change. In most cases, this is a positive change, but depending on the context, it could also be negative. 

The characteristics of a rainbow can also vary. Sometimes they are huge, sometimes small, sometimes showing all colors, while other times, a few colors dominate the pattern. 

All of these factors influence what that double rainbow in your dreams and subconscious means for your conscious life. 

Colors in the Rainbow 

In a dream, you might see double rainbows with very bright and prominent colors, some very vague and nearly opaque. One color might be brighter than the other, or the rainbow could be dominated by a single color. 

These differences in color will have an impact on what the rainbow signifies. It’s also important to note how you personally felt when looking at or seeing the rainbows in your dream. 

A classic rainbow with all 7 colors indicates positivity, positive change, good fortune, and a good surprise. This can be in regard to any aspect of your life. A single-colored rainbow, such as a pure white rainbow, can be a positive indication of your emotions, spiritual health, connection with the universe, mental health, and future life path. 

With the double rainbow, one rainbow is seen as your physical self and the other as your spiritual self. How each one is colored and how it is structured also says a lot about either aspect of your life. 

If you see rainbows at all, it means you are doing something right. No matter how challenging it may seem right now, you need to keep pushing forward because there is something amazing waiting for you just around the corner (just like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!). 

Rainbow Placement and Symbols 

Read on to understand what rainbow placement and symbols indicate in your dreams.

Plain Rainbows 

Generally seeing a rainbow in your dream means good news is on the way. You might get a raise, your business idea might kick off, or your personal life might take a turn for the better. Whatever it is that you are struggling with, it is about to get better. 

Rainbows and Rain 

This is another great sign which means luck and positive change. People who see a rainbow through rain are most likely going through a tough time on some level. 

The presence of the rainbow is a ray of hope and a sign that they will get through this successfully. 

A person might be waiting for something or hoping for something very intensely and seeing this rainbow is an affirmation that whatever is on their mind and heart is going to work out in their favor. This doesn’t always mean they will get what they want, but it does mean that whatever they will get will be better for them. 

Rainbow-Colored Objects 

Some people see multiple rainbows in the form of multiple different objects bearing the color of a rainbow. This is also a great sign and means good things are coming in the form of those objects. 

If you see rainbow-colored people, it can mean that you are about to meet some great people who will be the catalyst for positive change in your life. 

If you see physical/material objects in a rainbow color, it can mean that your financial situation is about to improve. 

Rainbow at Night 

The dream world doesn’t abide by the laws of physics, and people can see rainbows in a pitch-black night sky. 

This situation refers to your interpersonal relationships and specifically your romantic relationships. It means that your romantic life is going to go in a better direction and if you have been looking for someone, you are close to meeting them. 

The dark sky also reflects your spirit and higher self. If you have been feeling lost or low on the spiritual side of life, the rainbows in the night sky mean positive changes in this area. 

Rainbows Over River/Water

Seeing rainbows above overflowing water reflects travel and change in terms of movement. Maybe you need to move home, shift countries, or just want to go on vacation for a few days. 

This is a strong sign that this change is about to happen and that you will be having some kind of travel or change in terms of where you are physically located. 

Triple or More Rainbows 

This is a very strong sign of peaceful times in all aspects of your life. 

If you are going through a rough patch and nothing seems to be working out, this is a sign that it is all about to settle down and work out for you. The universe is definitely on your side if you see multiple rainbows in any setting. 

Finding Gold 

Some people will explore the rainbow in their dream and even find that pot of gold at the end. 

This is a sure sign that you are about to stumble onto something great whether that is physical or in terms of the intangible things in life. You might find a material gain but you will come out with something more and something better than what you went in with. 


To really understand what a rainbow in your dreams means, you need to look at it in context. If you don’t remember it right away, that's fine. 

Sometimes different parts of the dream will come back to you later in the day, or you might even see a similar dream a few days later. Looking at the things that surround the rainbow and also studying the nature of the rainbow will help you determine how this positive dream will work out for you in real life.

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