Dream of a Guitar Meaning (6 Reasons)

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A guitar is associated with creativity and perseverance, and learning to play one takes a lot of time, dedication, and practice — especially if one wants to play well. If you play the guitar in your dreams, you might be unaware of a hidden talent you have.

Guitars are beautiful musical instruments with a sound that speaks to the soul. Whether you're playing it or just listening to it, you can't help but feel the emotions behind the cords. 

Even if you don't play one in real life, dreaming about doing it can help you overcome emotional challenges.

Dream Interpretation of a Guitar

In most cases, dreaming about the guitar is linked to your skills in real life. The dream could be telling you to work on a specific skill. This can be a new skill you need to develop or an old one you haven't explored thoroughly yet. Maybe you have a hidden talent you're prompted to reveal.

It doesn't have to be a practical skill. The dream could be telling you to work on your interpersonal skills too. If you have trouble communicating your feelings, your subconscious is telling you to start practicing it.

Dreaming about the guitar can also be interpreted as a sign of satisfaction. People often dream of guitars when they're enjoying something or are generally satisfied where they're currently in life. If you're not there yet, the dream indicates that you will be soon.

A guitar in your dream is also linked to other elements of one's emotional state. It often points to the need for emotional development or uncovering your true potential.

Dream Scenarios Involving a Guitar

Your behavior in the dream will affect the interpretation of the guitar. The number of dream scenarios involving this instrument is immense, and each has a slightly different meaning. Below, you'll find some of the most common ones.

Dream about Playing the Guitar

If you're dreaming about playing guitar, it shows that professional development is in your near future. Pay attention to new opportunities, such as meeting new contacts. Doing this will allow you to realize your professional goals.

If you're single and dream of playing the guitar, this is a sign that you're about to meet someone. It can also mean you'll renew contacts with an old acquaintance. This can be a friend, a colleague, a former love interest, or a family member. You'll have fond memories to explore, just as you're exploring your instrument in your dream.

How you play your guitar in your dream also has significance. 

For example, if you're learning to play this instrument, this shows that you need more positive emotions in your life. Whether you lack passion, compassion, or love, you'll need to learn how to nurture these feelings.

If you're dreaming about someone else playing the guitar, this hints at a possible new addition to your family. Seeing someone explore their talent is linked to fertility and other ways to expand one’s family, such as marriage, adoption, etc.

Dream about Buying or Getting a Guitar

When you're dreaming of buying a guitar, you're being reminded about what's truly important in life — the people you care about. 

In your dream, you're doing something to make you happy because you aren't doing the same for others in real life. Not paying attention to the people you care about can lead to hurt feelings and many regrets.

If you're dreaming of someone giving you a guitar, you're trying to put someone into the back of your mind. However, since they appear in your dream, it clearly shows that you aren't successful. This person has hurt you deeply, and you'll need a lot more time to overcome your grievances.

Dream about a Broken Guitar

When you're dreaming about a broken guitar, your subconscious is trying to resolve some disappointment you've recently suffered. You probably haven't dealt with it properly, which is why it appears in your dreams.

If, at the beginning of the dream, the guitar is in good condition and you break it, this hints at some major frustration in your waking life. You are unhappy with a situation or lack the patience to resolve an issue. 

If the guitar was already broken when it first appeared in your dream, it shows that you're stuck in the past. You keep pondering on events from the past, which has a negative effect on your present and your future. You should try to move on and focus on looking ahead instead of back. 

When you dream of a guitar that's missing its string but is otherwise intact, you're getting a warning that something you enjoy is about to end. Maybe your relationship has come to an end, or you're about to leave your workplace. This dream is also a symbol of something you lack in your life.

Dream about the Sound of a Guitar

When someone is playing well, the guitar can make the most wonderful and unique sounds an instrument is capable of. If you hear a harmonious melody in your dream, your life is perfectly balanced and will stay that way.

On the other hand, if you hear discordant guitar sounds, your life will be knocked out of balance. Prepare for a period of instability, conflicts, and uncertainty. In some cases, the discord will be caused by your own actions.

If you dream of hearing noises emanating from a guitar that doesn't belong to this instrument, this indicates that someone is trying to influence your life. 

Dream about an Electric Guitar

Unlike acoustic guitars, which are associated with traditional values, electric guitars are a symbol of originality. If you dream of electric guitars, this refers to you discovering how to use creativity to express your emotions.

Dream about Guitar Picks

When you dream about a guitar pick and not a guitar, this means that you're not thriving, and you need to change this. You'll need to examine your life and find what you enjoy doing the most and dedicate more time to this activity.

If you haven't found a fulfilling activity yet, it's time to try out new ones — maybe you'll find your new favorite pastime. Either way, the dream is a reminder of your inner needs.


Playing the guitar in your dreams is a sign of a talent you need to explore. It's also a powerful outlet for your emotions. You should never ignore this sign as it often reflects hidden emotional issues.

Even if you only hear or see someone else play the guitar, the phenomenon can still be linked to your emotional well-being. From telling you to be more patient to reminding you that you need to express your thoughts and feelings, a guitar has incredible significance in dreams.

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