Dream Of A Pool Meaning (11 Reasons + Interpretations)

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A pool in your dream can represent your repressed feelings and emotions in the dream state. Having such a dream is also linked with life changes that are about to occur in the future. 

This article will review several dream scenarios involving pools and help decode your dream's true meaning. 

The Symbolism Behind Dreams about Pools

Seeing a swimming pool might imply the start of a relationship. 

Women dreaming about a pool is a sign for the dreamer to look forward to an upcoming romantic relationship. The pool dream signifies that you will share a strong bond and can become life partners. 

A dream about a pool might symbolize that you are dealing with people and making decisions intuitively. It can also signify that you want cleansing in your routine to accept new changes, positive emotions, and people. 

Different Interpretations of Dreams about Pools

Let’s go through some different interpretations of dreams about pools.

Dream of an Indoor Swimming Pool

Seeing an indoor pool represents your suppressed emotions, feelings, and anxiety. It shows you are barring your emotions and keeping things to yourself in fear of facing judgemental behavior from others. 

The indoor pool in your dream also denotes that you are being influenced by someone in your waking life. If you see blue-colored water in the pool, it's an affirmation that the decisions and judgments you make will be fruitful and you will succeed in your endeavors.  

Dream of a Large Pool

A large pool in your dream sends a message that you will soon meet your significant other. Dream interpreters here suggest thinking about the people close to you and valuing those who aid you in self-improvement and learning new things. 

However, if the pool you see is concrete, the dream signifies that you will experience emotionally challenging life events. It also tells you that you must stay strong and overcome these obstacles.  

Dream of a Private Pool

This dream plot suggests that you might have to make a decision and let go of something that has value to you. However, the dream ensures happiness in your love life if you see the pool in your home.  

If you see a private swimming pool near your home, the dream shows your desire to possess something you don't have in real life. 

Your subconscious mind makes you see this dream, reminding you to come out of your self-limiting beliefs, change your perspective toward life, and stay determined to achieve what you crave. 

Seeing Clear Water in the Pool

It's a positive sign to see a pool containing clear water. 

The water signifies progress, success, good health, and fortune in your real life. Luck will be on your side in financial investments. It's a heads-up from your inner self to trust your instincts and explore different financial opportunities to achieve maximum gain. 

Dream of a Swimming Pool Containing Dirty Water

The dream reflects the stress, anxiety, and negative emotions you are carrying in your waking life. It could also mean you will face difficult situations in life due to a lack of effort and preparation. 

The message here is to work harder and focus on the outcomes you will face because of your actions. 

Dream of an Empty Pool

Seeing an empty pool represents your feelings of heartbreak, despair, and emptiness you feel within yourself. 

The pool can also be interpreted as a sign of success, overcoming hardships, and maturity. Dream interpreters suggest focusing on the brighter side of life and staying happy.

Dream of a Half-Empty Pool

This dream plot shows you are facing life situations, draining your energy and making you feel empty. The scenario represents a dark phase you might be going through in real life. 

Sometimes, the emotional stress after losing someone close to you can trigger this dream. It also encourages you to think before you act and not make quick decisions that can make you vulnerable. 

Seeing an Outdoor Pool with Naked People

The dream reminds you to consider your actions and be cautious in your social and personal life—otherwise, you will face issues due to your poor decisions. 

You will be involved in a scandal if you see naked women in the pool.

Swimming Pool Surrounded by Trees

This dream scenario shows that your mind and inner self are longing for peace, safety, and refuge from certain things in life. The trees suggest you take a step back, relax, and focus on the good in your life rather than waste time worrying about issues you cannot resolve. 

Having Fun in the Swimming Pool

If you dream of enjoying your time in the pool, it shows you are not enjoying your waking life and are craving to revamp your routine. 

This dream suggests changing your ways, spending more time with family and loved ones, and getting involved in things that make you feel happy and satisfied.

Swimming in a Pool with Someone

Swimming with another person shows you are emotionally attached to them. It means you care and have deep feelings for the person. The dream can also mean a significant change is about to occur in your personal or professional life. 

The change will be positive and will enable you to see things in a different light. Embracing these changes will benefit you in the long run. 

However, if you feel uneasy while swimming with the person, it shows you have negative feelings towards them and feel threatened by their presence.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about pools have several different meanings. Focusing on the details of your dream will lead you toward an accurate interpretation of the dream. 

The more information you remember after the dream, the more apparent your interpretations will become.

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