Dream Of A Robbery Meaning (9 Reasons + Variations)

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Generally, getting robbed in a dream is rare. Perhaps there is a hidden message behind this dream that your subconscious wants you to know. 

However, it is not necessarily important that there is always a meaning behind these dreams. You could experience such a dream because you might have seen something that impacted you deeply and stayed in your mind, like reading related news in the newspaper. 

Still, there is a chance that maybe your subconscious wants to tell you something. Well, this is what this article is all about. Read this article on "dream of a robbery" to know the meaning of such a dream in different scenarios. 

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Dream of Getting Robbed 

Dreaming of being robbed can be terrifying for you in both dreams and reality. Getting robbed, in reality, can cause financial loss, injury, or even death. 

Getting robbed in a dream is related to your waking life too. It indicates that you might experience a financial problem. You should be careful about your expenses; otherwise, you may fall into unexpected depts. 

The dream of being robbed is also associated with professional failure. This means that something you have planned for in advance will not go according to your plans. You need to be careful with your financial activities. Avoid investing in something which is not very important. Also, don't spend money on uncertain things.

Dream of Car Robbery

Sometimes, a dream does not convey the same meaning as it is supposed to. And this is the case in the dream about your car robbery. Like any other robbery dream, this dream is also terrifying. 

However, in reality, this dream means you will have some extra money. For example, you might get the money back from relatives or friends to whom you have lent money. 

But keep in mind that these dreams can also be the result of your traumatic experience. Perhaps your car has been robbed, and this dream reflects your concern about your insecurity. 

Getting Robbed By an Armed Robber

Dreams about getting robbed by an armed robber have several interpretations depending on the actual context. If the bandits are away from you, this represents that you are not going to suffer a financial crisis. It also means that your assets are safe. 

If the robber robbed you at gunpoint and you are in a position such that you can fight and win, then you will achieve victory and success in the professional field. If you lose the fight, you should find the fake and negative people in your life. 

Dream of Death in a Robbery

Dreaming about death in a robbery has two opposite meanings depending on the person who died. If the robber kills someone, this dream should be taken as a warning that you will have a professional or financial loss. You need to be careful with your work.  

If the person who died was the burglar himself, this has the opposite meaning from the previous case. You should keep calm and keep fighting to achieve success and recognition. This means you will have financial stability and overcome all bad situations. 

Dream About Becoming a Robber

What does it mean when you become a robber in your dreams? If you steal something or rob someone in your dream, surprisingly, this indicates something good will happen. This signifies that a pleasant surprise or good news is coming soon. 

Getting Robbed at Work 

If the dream is about getting robbed at work, it is a warning to your professional life. This means that you should not get into too much gossip during your work time. This dream also means that maybe one of your colleagues will cheat you and steal your idea or harm you in certain ways. 

The dream has a totally opposite meaning if the robber is you. It means you will have something special from a friend, family member, or colleague. This is a very good sign. 

Dream About Phone Robbery

What does it mean if your phone gets robbed in your dream? Since it feels like a nightmare, it is a good sign for you in the waking world. Its meaning is opposite to what it feels. This dream is associated with the future growth of love and benefits. 

Dream of Relatives Getting Robbed

Seeing someone getting robbed whom you know, such as relatives or friends, indicates that you are concerned about someone close to you. You should look for your relatives, friends, and family. Perhaps this dream means that they need your help.  

Also, if you see that the robber escaped without getting any punishment, then it is a bad sign. This means that you are going to have some financial issues. To avoid such things, you must be careful and save money. 

Dream About Witnessing the Robbery

This would show a positive sign if you witnessed a robbery where you didn't get robbed. When a person gets attacked in front of you, new opportunities will arrive in your personal and professional life. 

If an acquaintance gets robbed in front of you, this can be associated with your current real-life worries. Perhaps someone once robbed in real life needs your support, help, and sympathy. 

If the person getting robbed is not showing any sign of fear, you are facing issues with your confidence and self-esteem. Maybe you are not aware of your capabilities and qualities. You need to be more confident. 


One thing that will be clear is that the dream of a robbery does not have any single meaning. It represents several interpretations dependent on the actual context of the dream. There can be a positive sign from one type of dream and a negative one from another. 

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