Dream about Being Attacked by a Dog (Meaning)

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While dreaming about dogs symbolizes loyalty and protection, recurring dreams about being accosted by a dog indicate a terrible omen. When it comes to spirituality, different actions such as being bitten by a dog or being chased by a pack of dogs can bear distinct meanings. 

If you have been dreaming about being attacked by dogs, your subconscious mind is sending warning signals about specific incidents. It can also be a reflection of past anxieties that are appearing in the form of dog attacks. If you want to know the reason, make sure you read till the end! 

What Do Pet Dreams Mean? 

According to Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, dreams are a reflection and expression of wishes. According to this theory, most dreams are symbolic expressions that are rooted in instincts. This means that the dog attack is an expression of our repressed instincts which are rather dangerous or threatening. 

Some other dream interpretations often uncover hidden messages from the conscious mind. Rubin Naiman, a psychologist, and dream expert affirms that decoding dreams help us to understand our consciousness. He remarks that some dreams are a manifestation of what is going on in our lives. 

For example, he explains that stressful dreams are a manifestation of extreme stress and anxiety in our real, waking lives. So, if you’re experiencing fear and nervousness during your encounter with a dog, it can be a sign of turmoil in various spheres of life. Apart from these interpretations, there can be an inherent meaning behind different kinds of dreams involving dogs. Some of them are listed below.

Dream About A Dog Barking

If you dream about a barking dog, it could mean that you need to be less demanding of the people around you. According to The Dream Interpretation Dictionary by J.M. DeBord, it can also be interpreted as the opposite–wanting someone to be less demanding of you. 

It could also represent a phase of difficulty that is wreaking havoc on your balanced state. It’s essential to develop a peaceful ambiance for your dreams to be well-balanced and neutral. Recurring dreams about a dog barking is a clear warning that you shouldn’t ignore. It’s probably best to undergo a rehabilitation period if the dreams are causing turmoil in your life. 

Dream About A Dog Running 

Dogs are the most common creatures that appear in dreams. Seeing yourself being attacked by dogs can be a daunting experience, especially when these incidences disrupt your sleeping patterns. When you dream about a dog running, you have to identify the emotions you feel during this situation. Do you feel lightheaded or anxious? Do you feel threatened by the dog running toward you? 

According to Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, if you feel a dog chasing or threatening you, it represents a situation in your life where you feel threatened, intimidated, and powerless. Such instances are indicative of certain situations in life that are rendering you helpless, frustrated, and incapacitated. On the brighter side, you can expect positive outcomes in case: 

  • The dog is running away from you which could represent a distant relationship 
  • The dog is running toward you in a non-threatening way that could indicate a new relationship or opportunity 

On the other hand, if you are running after a dog it means you want something in your life that you cannot get. 

Dream About Being Bitten By A Dog

Dog dreams are fairly indicative of what they symbolically represent–loyalty, friendship, and strong bonds or relationships. Whether it is related to your personal endeavors or career opportunities, loyalty and companionship are two common qualities that we attribute to dogs. 

So, a dog bite can carry a wide range of meanings, according to Debord. If you dream about a dog biting your hand, you might be experiencing problems in your marital relationship. A bite on the hand can also be a sign of betrayal from close ones or mere acquaintances. If you get a bite on your leg, it could mean a lack of balance. If you are swamped with work duties and aren’t taking proper care of your health, a bite on the leg is a clear waking call for you to seek balance. 

Dream About Being Chased By A Pack Of Dogs 

Being chased by one dog is frightening so imagine if you are attacked by a pack of dogs unannounced. When life throws every challenge your way and you are unable to fight with confidence, you may start dreaming about being chased by a pack of dogs. It often highlights your insecurities about being unable to face obstacles or your enemies. 

The fear and anticipation during this situation are similar to anxious thoughts and are preventing you to face every problem. When such a situation arises, you need to work on building your confidence and setting boundaries with people that discourage you. 

Dream About Attacking The Dog Back

If you dream about being attacked by a dog but protect yourself by shooting or hitting them, it’s most likely a good sign. Attacking a dog back symbolizes steadfast determination to rise against any challenges that come your way. 

While dreaming of attacking a dog is uncomfortable, it could mean that you should be cautious of impending storms. You will survive at the end of the stressful wave and emerge victorious but it’s always to be prepared beforehand. It could be time to redefine your life and take the next steps without questioning your choices. 

If you dream about killing a dog, it also means that you could be losing a loyal friend in the foreseeable future. Make sure to cherish your friendships and look for ways to strengthen your most valued relationships. 

Dream Interpretations: What You Should Do 

If you are befuddled about dogs appearing in your dreams and wish to stop seeing them, you have to take certain steps toward eliminating the problem. According to Ray Douglas in Decoding Your Dreams, the interpretation of dreams stems from personal turmoil in most cases. 

Since dogs live so closely with humans, they are bound to appear in dreams to guide us to the right path. Once you start having dreams about dogs attacking you, you should work on the following points. 

It’s Time To Analyze Your Relationships 

No matter if these relationships are platonic or romantic, it’s always wise to analyze your relationships and determine its shortcoming. Loewenberg explains that it’s always important to determine how these dreams make you feel. You should always pay attention to the dog’s breed as some dream interpretations often relate to the attributes associated with a particular dog breed. For example, German Shephards are protective dogs that may show up in your relationship when you need to be wary of certain relationships. If you experience frustration and annoyance during this recurring dream, it is suggestive of annoyance within a relationship you’re currently in. 

When you trying to identify what you need to do in your relationships, always assess your emotions and research specific details as this makes a big difference. When you are unsure about how you feel, you can then check the main attributes of the dog breed and make the requisite changes in your relationship. 

Work On Your Insecurities 

According to therapist and dream expert, Leslie Ellis, if you feel that your dog’s message is more about you than others, you’ll need to start determining the root of your insecurities. If fear and anxiety are the two dominant emotions during your dog encounter, you need to start facing situations instead of running from them. 

This can be pertaining to personal as well as professional relationships that often challenge you and push you out of your comfort zone. Instead of avoiding these situations, you need to conquer your demons. Ellis explains that you’ll want to pay attention to the qualities of your dog. For example, if they are more protective and great at setting boundaries, this might be what you seek in real life. 

Question Your Loyalties 

Dogs are often associated with qualities of loyalty, so if you’re encountering dogs it’s possible themes of loyalty may be creeping up in your life. If you notice dogs running toward you in your dream in an invasive way, it might represent a betrayal of loyalty. 

On the contrary, if you notice a dog coming to your rescue it would be suggestive of a loyal person in your life.

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