Dream Of White Sandals Meaning (8 Reasons)

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Sandals are associated with movement, journeys, change, and new destinations (or even old ones that you haven’t visited in a while). In most cases, seeing sandals in your dreams is considered a good thing and signifies positive change. 

However, understanding what that dream exactly means depends on a few factors. Sandals can mean something positive or negative depending on what’s going on in the dream. Here are some important things to know about white sandals in your dreams. 

Dreaming about Sandals 

Seeing sandals in your dream is usually indicative of your desires, symbolizing what you truly desire in your subconscious mind. Many times, we have thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even ideas in our subconscious mind that we can sense but can’t put the finger on them. 

Seeing sandals in your dream shows us that these things exist and when we understand the context in which we are seeing sandals, it makes it possible to understand what that thing is. 

Colors of Sandals in Your Dream 

The color of the sandals you see in your dreams tells you a bit about the path you are on and the kind of result/destination you are moving towards. White sandals, and the color white in general, are connected to purity, tranquility, peace, success, and wisdom. 

Seeing white sandals generally means that the goal you’re working towards is achievable. It can also mean that the aim you have set for yourself will lead you on the right path and is something that you should pursue without fear. 

Dreaming of Wearing Sandals 

If you see yourself wearing sandals in the dream, it could indicate that something new is about to enter your life or something from the past is about to make a re-entry. 

It is considered a positive change — this could be a new child, a new vehicle, a new job, or anything positive that you’ve been waiting for. It could also be something completely out of the blue, like a promotion at work. 

If these are your own sandals that you’re wearing, it means that the change has to do with you directly. It may have benefits for other people, but it’s largely about you. For example, getting a promotion will benefit your family, but it is a major change for your professional life and directly impacts you first. 

Alternatively, if you’re wearing someone else's shoes, this could have something to do with your social life and particularly your relationship with others. 

Perhaps you’re feeling restless and desire change, but maybe it isn’t quite the right time to make these changes. 

Dreaming of Someone Else Wearing Sandals 

Seeing strangers wearing shoes, and seeing people you know in real life, are both common situations in the dream state. If you see people you know wearing old, worn-out sandals, this is a good sign. It shows trust, friendship, and an overall good quality relationship. 

If you see them wearing new sandals, there could be some tension between you two going on — maybe something you aren't consciously aware of. They may also be disturbed by something you said or did but the issue hasn’t been openly discussed yet. 

If you see strangers wearing new shoes or sandals, it signifies growth and new relations. It could be an opportunity for you to expand your network, get in touch with new people and enhance your social life. 

Strangers with old worn-out shoes are a sign that you should reconnect to your existing social network or people you are no longer in touch with. It’s a chance to focus on the people that were once an integral part of your life. 

Dreams of Uncomfortable Sandals 

Discomfort in your shoes in the dream will run parallel to discomfort in some areas of your life. 

This could be financial, personal, social, or any other area of your life where you know you aren’t doing the best you can, but you aren’t making an effort to improve. 

It’s time for you to closely evaluate different areas of your life that you may not have given much thought to recently and gauge what is wrong with them. 

You may have problems in some areas or with people you aren’t aware of. However, this is something that is completely in your control. Just like how you can easily change a pair of shoes, you can change the situation to benefit yourself and the other person involved. 

Dreams of Buying Sandals 

Buying new shoes is very exciting for many people, and in the dream state, it also represents a new phase of life that you are, or should be, excited about. This will most likely relate to something you have already been working on but eventually lost interest in. 

This is the right time to revisit that project, person, ambition, task, or whatever it may be and give it another shot. This is the best time to invest in your goals. 

Dreams of Broken Sandals 

Broken sandals mean change, but they also represent discomfort. Any change requires hard work and patience — and a pair of broken sandals indicates that you still have some way to go. 

This should not be discouraging or off-putting in any way — rather it should give you confidence in yourself that this is something you can do, even though it isn’t easy. 


Seeing sandals in your dream can mean a lot of things. Instead of worrying about the issue, or getting overly excited, take some time to really understand the context of what was happening when you saw the sandals. 

Pay attention to minor details such as who was wearing them, the condition of the sandals, the type of sandals, and your emotions during the dream. 

Ideally, you should give yourself a few nights to think about it. Revisiting the dream may help clarify the details further so you can draw a more accurate conclusion about what it all means.

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