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Wouldn’t it be cool if you could spend a day at Hogwarts? And as you spend your day at Hogwarts, you interact with people like Hermoine or Ron or…Draco Malfoy? To people using the #DracoMalfoy and #RealityShifting hashtags on TikTok, this is a very real possibility. With just some understanding of reality shifting and some shifting script templates, you’ll be ready to shake Draco Malfoy’s hand, or do anything you wish. Your dream life is just one shift away. 

This page will provide a brief overview of what it means to reality shift, and provide a shifting script template for you to begin your journey. 

What Is Reality Shifting? 

Reality shifting is a process in which a person, awake or asleep, shifts their mind to a different reality while their body stays in the current one. In this desired reality, a person can walk through Hogwarts, be a gold medalist, or date the person of their dreams. 

Reality shifting is a similar process to lucid dreaming, although more intention is put behind reality shifting than simply falling asleep and waking up in a “dream world.” With shifting script templates, you can choose where you are going and who you are in your desired reality. 

Where Are You Shifting To? 

Quantum physicists suggest that an infinite number of realities exist at the same time as the current reality that you are living in right now. Every decision we make (or don’t make) creates another universe. Even though in your current reality (CR), you are still reading this page, there is a reality in which you clicked out of this screen, got up and did a handful of jumping jacks, or watched your computer screen go completely blank. 

It’s mind-boggling to think how many choices lead to different universes, but that infinite number also creates an infinite number of possibilities. So there is a possibility to enter your desired reality (DR,) the universe where you want your mind to exist.  

Do You Need a Script for Reality Shifting? 

No, but they are helpful. A script allows you to specify the details of where you are shifting before you get there. You will be able to choose one of the many, many universes, one where you can just live out your best moments without having to worry about minor inconveniences. 

Building a script can also help you in your current reality. When was the last time you sat down and dreamed out everything you ever wanted in this life? This type of manifestation can show you the path to your dream life after you wake up. Plus, it’s fun! 

What Does A Reality Shift Script Look Like? 

Basic information. Who are you? How old are you? What does the reality you exist in look like? Who is around you, living or dead? A reality shift script contains the details that are most important to you as you shift. 

No plotlines. A reality shifting script doesn’t look like a movie or TV script. You will not have to create a plot because you are simply living your life in this different reality. The people in your desired reality will say what they want to say, take you where they want to take you, and respond to you how they wish. 

Whatever you’d like! Get creative. There are a lot of ways to approach reality shifting. You can enter Hogwarts, Mordor, or your neighbor’s house. You can look different or look the same. Monsters, aliens, and talking dogs can all exist in your reality. Take some time when you script your desired reality. It can be whatever you’d like it to be. 

Take out your laptop, a piece of paper, or favorite journal and get writing!

Reality Shifting Script Template 

  • My name is _______.
  • Here’s what I look like: _________________.
  • I live in ____________.
  • Here are some cool details about the place I live: ____________________.
  • My neighbors include _________________.
  • Here’s what my typical day looks like: ____________________.
  • My interests include: ____________________.
  • I’m really great at _______________________.
  • My past accomplishments include ________________________.
  • Some of the most important people in my life include _______________.
  • Here’s a little bit more about what they do: ____________________________.
  • I love the world I live in because ___________________________.
  • Here are some practical and additional details that make living in my desire reality easier: ______________________________________________.

Start here, but add as much as you would like to build out your desired reality!

Additional List of Shifting Script Templates 

The following resources can help you shift realities: 

Resources for Reality Shifting

If you have questions on reality shifting and where to find shifting script templates, Reddit is a great resource. There are multiple Subreddits dedicated to the topic, including r/shiftingrealities and r/Realityshifting. In these subreddits, users can ask questions about the broad and specific components of reality shifting. 

Take this post in the shiftingrealities subreddit. The OP asks, “what are some mildly inconvenient things in your CR you made sure you script out of your DR?”  The responses show just how specific - and how creative - your shifting script can be! Here are some things you may want to consider as you put together your script: 

  • “Hair never gets frizzy, I have indestructible teeth (my favorite one, I'm gonna eat so many bricks), a cigarette stack that never runs out, nail polish never chips, can't get sunburnt, food doesn't get stuck between my teeth, stockings never tear, I don't have to look down when walking on steps, insects don't come near me etc.... This part is my favorite to script, makes me all the more excited for shifting!!” 
  • “I scripted I have a flawless skin so I don’t need make up and my eyebrows are my desired shape.” 
  • “In my dr, I live on the beach so I scripted that I wouldn’t get sand stuck to me whenever I’m on the beach or swim in the ocean. It’s so annoying.” 
  • “personally, none! at least none i can think of. my DR is just my ideal CR where i'm loved and surrounded by good people and can do all the things i wanted but never got to do without trauma and anxiety holding me back. and also ofc i have my s/o who i adore. i still want some of those little inconveniences to make life feel more... real? not that a life without these inconveniences is less real but you know what i mean.”

As you read through these inconveniences, you can see the sillier (and more serious) side of reality shifting. You can also see how these small inconveniences can shed light on small changes that can make your CR even better. This is the “real world” power of shifting script templates. You can illuminate what things in your CR can change to bring you closer to your DR. By defining what you desire, you can manifest them in your current reality as you shift in and out of it.

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