What Does it Mean when you Dream about your Crush?

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People are always saying that they’re looking for the person of your dreams. But what if that person shows up in your actual dreams? Maybe you just enjoyed a night of going on a date and professing your love for your crush - and then you woke up! Does dreaming about your crush mean they like you, too? Is it a sign that you should tell them how you felt? What does it mean to dream about your crush? 

In general, dreaming about your crush is a normal thing to do, and it means that you value that person in your life. Your subconscious mind is continuing to dwell on your relationship with them.

The answers vary, and the right answer for you may depend on how well you know your crush and what exactly happened in your dream. This post is all about dream interpretation, and how you may interpret your dream with your crush. Happy dreaming, and goodnight! 

About Freud’s Theories on Dream Interpretation 

Renowned and disgraced psychologist Sigmund Freud has some of the most famous theories and books on dreams and dream interpretation. But his theories are certainly interesting. He suggested that dreams are a way for people to fulfill their wishes. 

What does this mean for a dream about your crush? If you dreamt about getting together with your crush, for example, this is an example of fulfilling your wish in your dreams. Your mind is “playing out” the fantasies you may enjoy in your daydreams. This explanation certainly makes sense, right? So why aren’t Freud’s theories accepted in psychology today? 

Well, Freud didn’t exactly test out his theories. His work is based on anecdotes and his personal experiences and interpretations. And some of his interpretations are too bizarre to be accepted without some evidence to support them. Freud also believed that many symbols in dreams were supposed to be signs of sexual desires. Is every room in your dream the symbol of a vagina, and every tree branch or pencil representative of a penis? Probably not. 

Where Do Dream Interpretations Come From? 

Although Freud’s theories have been discredited, studies on dream interpretation have not stopped. Notable psychologists like Wallace and Jean Darby Clift have carried on the work of psychoanalysts like Freud and Jung.

Dream interpretations come from a mixture of theories from ancient civilizations, modern psychologists, and neurobiologists. There is no one reason why you might be dreaming about your crush, but as you keep reading the possibilities, you may have a “lightbulb moment” and realize it’s time to make a move or focus on other parts of your life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush? 

There are many reasons that you could be dreaming about your crush, but the most likely reason is that they’re on your mind! Our dreams are a way to process memories from the day. If you spent a whole day with your crush, your brain may be working through your interactions with your crush and preparing itself for more interactions tomorrow. The nerves or emotion that surround your memories could influence how dramatic or exciting the dream gets. 

Dreaming About Being Intimate with Your Crush 

Despite Freud’s theories, many dream analysts believe that dreaming about sexual encounters isn’t about sex itself. You may be at a point in life where you are feeling disconnected or isolated. The sex in your dream may not even be about the person you’re having sex with. It’s not unusual for people to have these types of dreams when entering a new job, starting a non-romantic relationship, or moving. When we want to feel close to others, we dream about being close to others. 

Dreaming About an Ex 

If you’re dreaming about an ex that broke up with you, you might need closure. Your dream may be the result of memories or experiences that you are trying to process. In your dream, you may be “playing out” the closure that you never received. Maybe your dreams are a sign that you do need that closure, and you should ask for it if possible. 

If Your Crush Is Dying or Has Died

Dreams can take a fatal turn. You might have a dream that your crush, your partner, or another loved one is dead or dying. These stressful dreams are likely the result of stress in your waking life. Maybe you are anticipating or going through changes. Dreaming about such a dramatic change, like death, could help you process these changes.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your High School Crush or Sweetheart? 

Maybe you’re not dreaming of your current crush, but you are dreaming about someone you had a crush on in high school. This is possible, even if you’re in college, out of college, or happily married with kids! Why are you thinking about the past? 

Dreaming About a Long-Lost Crush or Person From Your Past

If you have resolved things with a past crush, or a crush from the long-ago past enters your dreams, you may be thinking about them to prevent you from making similar mistakes. When you think about moving forward with someone new, don’t forget what you’ve learned from your previous relationships. Your earliest crushes serve as reminders of how you’ve approached relationships before and the mistakes and wins that have brought you to today. 

How To Talk To Your Crush After You’ve Dreamt About Them! 

Are you just going to keep dreaming about your crush, or are you going to see if they like you, too? Romance, potentially with your crush, is likely on your mind. Whether your dreams are the result of “wish fulfillment” or not, you’re likely curious if your crush is feeling the same way. So what’s next? 

Remember that no one else knows your dreams. No one has to know that you’ve been dreaming of your crush. There is no reason to be nervous or insecure after having a dream about a crush. Who knows what they’ve been dreaming about? Continue to build a relationship with your crush just like you would before your crush started appearing in your dreams. 

Get to know your crush better. If you don’t know your crush well, find ways to get to know them. Be confident in your approach, whether you share your feelings or not. You can share your intentions to get to know them better in a respectful manner. There is no need to rush into a proclamation of love or lust during your first conversation! As you get to know them, you can see if they are really the person you’ve been dreaming about. 

Be confident when sharing your feelings. When you’re ready to share your feelings with your crush, be confident. Confidence is the sexiest thing a person can be! Let them know that as you’ve gotten to know them, you’ve felt a spark and want to follow it. Share your intentions to go on a date or get to know them in a more romantic setting. You never know - they could have been dreaming of you all this time, too! The only way to find out is to have an open and honest conversation. 

What does it mean when you dream about your crush? You probably have them, or romance, on your mind. Go out and get the relationships that you are looking for, whether that is a friendship, a romantic relationship, or just a happy relationship with yourself.

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