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Are you preparing for a job interview at Chick-fil-A? If so, you're probably wondering what kind of questions you'll be asked and how to answer them.

This article will help you learn what to expect and how to understand the interviewer’s point of view. I’ve also included some insights from Chick-fil-A store managers who are always involved in the hiring process.

1) Tell me about yourself

Chick Fil A Interview

This is a straightforward question that is common in most Chick-fil-A interviews. Provide a concise summary that highlights aspects of your background and personality relevant to the job.

Sample answer:

“I'm currently a student at [Your School], majoring in [Your Major], and I’ve always been interested in the hospitality industry. I've gained experience in customer service through volunteering at community events, where I learned the importance of being attentive and responsive to people's needs. I'm drawn to Chick-fil-A because of its reputation for exceptional customer service and its values that emphasize care for employees and customers alike. I'm a quick learner and enjoy working in team settings, which I believe are crucial skills for working at Chick-fil-A. My goal is to gain practical experience in a customer-focused environment while contributing positively to the team.”

This response provides a clear and relevant overview of who you are and why you're interested in the position, demonstrating how your background and interests align with the job at Chick-fil-A.

2) Why do you want to work at Chick-fil-A?

When answering this question, focus on specific reasons that align with Chick-fil-A's values and culture, particularly friendliness. Explain how the position fits into your personal and professional aspirations.

Sample answer:

“I want to work at Chick-fil-A because I’ve always admired the company’s commitment to quality service and its positive company culture. As a customer, I’ve consistently been impressed by the friendly and efficient service, which is something I’m eager to be a part of. The company’s values of community service and hospitality align closely with my personal values. I’m also looking for an opportunity where I can grow and develop key skills, particularly in customer service and teamwork. I see Chick-fil-A as a place where I can learn and contribute in a meaningful way while working in a supportive and team-oriented environment.”

This response shows that you have thought about your decision to apply to Chick-fil-A and that your goals and values align with what the company offers.

3) What’s your favorite menu item?

Many Chick-fil-A store managers ask this question, and it’s a great opportunity to show your familiarity with their products and share a bit of your personal taste.

Sample answer:

“My favorite menu item at Chick-fil-A has to be the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich. I really appreciate the simplicity yet perfect flavor balance it offers – the tender, juicy chicken with the pickles and the soft bun. I think it showcases the quality of Chick-fil-A’s ingredients and the care put into its food preparation. It’s a classic choice that seems to resonate with a lot of customers, and it’s always the first thing I recommend to friends trying Chick-fil-A for the first time.”

This response shows that you are familiar with and appreciate Chick-fil-A’s menu, which can be a positive point in a job interview for a food service role.

4) What does teamwork mean to you?

When answering this question, highlight your understanding of collaboration and its value in a work environment, especially in a customer-focused setting like Chick-fil-A.

Sample answer:

“To me, teamwork means collaborating effectively with others towards a shared goal. It’s about communicating openly, respecting different viewpoints, and bringing together various strengths and skills for a common purpose. In my experience, good teamwork leads to greater efficiency and better solutions, especially in a fast-paced environment. For instance, in my previous job, we worked as a team to reorganize the inventory system, which improved our overall service speed. At Chick-fil-A, I see teamwork as crucial for ensuring that customers receive prompt, friendly, and accurate service. I’m excited about the opportunity to be part of a team that values cooperation and high standards of service.”

This response demonstrates your understanding of the importance of teamwork and your ability to contribute effectively in a team-oriented environment like Chick-fil-A.

5) What’s your availability?

When answering this question, be clear and honest about the times and days you can consistently work. There’s no point telling you’re available when you’re not.

Sample answer:

“I am currently available to work on weekdays from 3 PM to closing, and I have open availability on weekends. I have classes during the morning on weekdays, so my mornings are not free. However, my schedule is flexible, and I can often take on additional shifts with advance notice, especially during school breaks. I am also willing to work different types of shifts, including early mornings or late evenings, to accommodate the needs of the restaurant. I’m committed to being a reliable and adaptable team member at Chick-fil-A.”

This response gives a clear understanding of your availability, demonstrating that you’ve thoughtfully considered how to balance the job with other commitments, and shows a flexible, team-oriented approach.

6) What shifts would you prefer?

For this particular question, it's important to balance your personal preferences with a willingness to be flexible, as flexibility is often valued in the restaurant industry.

Sample answer:

“My preference would be for evening shifts on weekdays and I'm also available for any shift during weekends. This schedule works best for me because of my current academic commitments. However, I understand that the needs of the restaurant can vary, and I'm willing to be flexible. I can accommodate some morning shifts or work different hours during school holidays if needed. My main goal is to contribute effectively to the Chick-fil-A team, and I'm ready to work with the restaurant's scheduling needs to the best of my ability.”

This response communicates your preferred shifts while also showing a cooperative and flexible attitude, which is important in a customer service role at Chick-fil-A.

7) Do you know anyone who works here?

Your response should be straightforward and honest. 

Sample answer if you know someone working at the location:

“Yes, I do know someone who works here. My friend [Name] is a team member. Hearing about their positive experiences at Chick-fil-A, especially regarding the team dynamics and supportive work environment, has encouraged me to apply. While I value my friend’s insights, I also understand the importance of professionalism and am looking forward to contributing independently and becoming part of the team here.”

Sample answer if you don’t know someone working at the location:

“No, I don’t personally know anyone who works at this location. However, I’m excited about the opportunity to meet new people and join the Chick-fil-A team. I’m looking forward to building professional relationships and contributing positively to the work environment here.”

Both responses show honesty and either a positive perspective influenced by someone you know or enthusiasm for joining a new team.

8) What are three words your friends use to describe you?

Choose adjectives that genuinely reflect your personality and are also relevant to the skills and qualities valued in a customer service role. That said, Chick-fil-A is big on team bonding and friendliness.

Sample answer:

“My friends would probably describe me as attentive, enthusiastic, and reliable. They always say I’m attentive because I’m a good listener and pay attention to details, whether we’re planning an event or just having a conversation. They see me as enthusiastic because I’m usually the one who brings energy and positivity to what we do, whether it’s a group project or a social gathering. And they’d say I’m reliable because I’m consistent in keeping my promises and commitments. I believe these qualities would help me excel in a customer service role at Chick-fil-A, ensuring that customers have a positive experience and that I’m a dependable team member.”

This response not only shares qualities your friends see in you but also ties these traits to how they can be beneficial in a customer service environment, demonstrating your suitability for the role.

9) Tell me about a time when you received good customer service and how that made you feel

This question is a chance to demonstrate your understanding of quality customer service. When answering Share a specific example that highlights what you value in customer service and how it impacted you.

Sample answer:

“Last year, I had a memorable experience at a bookstore where the staff went above and beyond. I was looking for a specific book that was hard to find. One of the staff members not only helped me search for it but also went the extra mile to check their storage and then called another store to reserve a copy for me. Their dedication and willingness to help made me feel extremely valued and appreciated as a customer. It turned a routine shopping trip into a very positive experience. This level of care and attention is something I admire and aspire to replicate in my approach to customer service. It reminds me of the high service standards at Chick-fil-A, where making customers feel valued is a top priority.”

This response clearly illustrates your understanding of what good customer service entails and how it aligns with the values and standards of Chick-fil-A.

10) What accomplishment of yours are you proudest of?

This question is an opportunity to showcase your strengths and values. Choose an achievement that reflects qualities relevant to the job.

Sample answer:

“One accomplishment I’m particularly proud of was organizing a community charity event last year. I led a team of volunteers to plan and execute the event, which involved coordinating with local businesses, promoting the event, and managing the day-of activities. We faced challenges, like last-minute changes and budget constraints, but we worked together to find solutions. The event was a success, raising more funds than in previous years, and it brought our community together for a great cause. This experience taught me a lot about leadership, teamwork, and adaptability. I believe these skills are directly applicable to working at Chick-fil-A, where teamwork and excellent customer service are crucial.”

This response not only highlights an achievement you are proud of but also relates the skills and qualities involved to the role you are interviewing for, demonstrating your suitability for the position.

11) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

When answering this question, demonstrate that you have thought about your future and have goals, while also showing how the role at Chick-fil-A fits into your long-term plans.

Sample answer:

“In the next five years, I see myself developing a strong foundation in customer service and team leadership, skills I believe are essential in any career path. I’m also considering pursuing further education in business management, as I’m interested in understanding how successful businesses operate. Working at Chick-fil-A aligns with these goals, as it offers the opportunity to learn about exceptional customer service and gain experience in a team-oriented environment. While I’m still exploring the exact path my career will take, I’m excited about the prospect of growing and contributing at Chick-fil-A, and I see this experience as a valuable step in my professional development.”

This response shows that you have a forward-thinking approach to your career and see your time at Chick-fil-A as a meaningful step in your journey.

12) Are you involved in the community?

This question is an opportunity to share any community engagement or volunteer work you've been involved in. If you haven’t had much community involvement, you can discuss your interest in it.

Sample answer if you have community involvement:

“I've been actively involved in my community, especially through volunteering at the local food bank and participating in community clean-up events. I find it rewarding to give back and help address local needs. My experience in organizing and participating in these activities has taught me a lot about teamwork and community responsibility. I know that Chick-fil-A values community engagement, and I’m excited about the possibility of continuing this kind of involvement as part of the Chick-fil-A team.”

Sample answer if you don’t have community involvement:

“While I haven’t had as many opportunities for community involvement as I would like, it’s something I’m very interested in. I am particularly drawn to initiatives that focus on environmental sustainability and helping those in need. I admire Chick-fil-A’s commitment to community service and would be eager to get more involved in community-related activities and initiatives through my role here.”

In both cases, your response demonstrates an understanding of the importance of community involvement, aligning with Chick-fil-A’s values.

13) When was the last time you helped someone else?

When answering this question, share a specific example that highlights your willingness to assist others and demonstrates qualities like empathy, kindness, or teamwork.

Sample answer:

“Just last week, I helped a classmate who was struggling with a project in our history class. I noticed they were having difficulty understanding the assignment, so I offered to go over the project guidelines with them and shared some research resources I had found. We spent an afternoon working together, and by the end, they had a clear plan for their project. They were really grateful for the help, and it felt great to be able to assist a peer. This experience reinforced for me the value of lending a hand and working collaboratively, which I believe are important aspects of the team dynamic at Chick-fil-A. I’m looking forward to bringing this same helpful and cooperative spirit to a role here.”

This response demonstrates your willingness to help others and your ability to work collaboratively, qualities that are highly valued in customer service roles like those at Chick-fil-A.

14) What skills do you have that would help you to serve our guests?

This is an opportunity to show how your abilities align with the demands of the role. Focus on highlighting the skills and qualities that are essential for providing excellent customer service.

Sample answer:

“In my previous roles, I've developed several skills that are key to serving guests effectively. Strong communication and active listening are at the top of the list. For instance, in my last job, I frequently interacted with customers, ensuring I clearly understood their needs and preferences, which allowed me to provide better service. I've also learned the importance of patience and empathy, especially when dealing with customers who have concerns or complaints. Resolving issues in a calm and friendly manner has always been my approach. I’m also a quick learner and can adapt to different situations, a necessary skill in the fast-paced environment at Chick-fil-A. I believe these skills, combined with my enthusiasm for delivering excellent service, align well with the standards Chick-fil-A sets for guest interactions.”

This response demonstrates your understanding of the key skills needed for customer service and how your experiences have equipped you to excel in a customer-facing role at Chick-fil-A.

15) Do you have experience in a fast-paced work environment?

When answering this question, your response will depend on whether you have relevant experience or not. Be honest and tell them about your real experience.

Sample answer if you have the experience:

“Yes, I have experience working in fast-paced environments. In my previous job at a busy retail store, especially during the holiday season, I had to juggle various tasks like assisting customers, restocking shelves, and managing checkout. This experience helped me develop skills like quick decision-making, efficient multitasking, and maintaining a positive attitude under pressure. I believe these skills will be particularly beneficial in the dynamic environment of Chick-fil-A, where efficiency and excellent customer service are crucial.”

Sample answer if you don’t have the experience:

“While I haven’t worked in a fast-paced professional environment before, I have developed skills in other settings that I believe are transferable. For instance, in school, I’ve managed multiple projects simultaneously under tight deadlines, which honed my organizational and time-management skills. I am quick to learn and adapt, qualities I believe are essential in a fast-paced setting like Chick-fil-A. I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to develop further in this dynamic environment and am confident in my ability to rise to the challenge.”

Both responses show that you have thought about how your experiences and skills apply to the demands of working at Chick-fil-A, whether you have direct experience or not.

What to dress for a Chick-fil-A interview to get hired

For a Chick-fil-A job interview, dress neatly and professionally, but not overly formal. A good choice would be a light-colored polo shirt paired with khakis.

Make sure your shoes are clean.

This attire strikes the right balance between being well-presented and not overly dressed, as wearing a tie might be too formal for the setting. The key is to look tidy and approachable.

Relax and think of it more like a friendly conversation rather than a tense interview; being a little nervous is understandable but being stressed about an interview does you no good.

What to expect in the interview

Thanks to some insights from a Chick-fil-A store manager who was involved in the hiring process, here are some things you can expect during the interview:

Every Chick-fil-A store is different, but the first thing the interviewer asks is usually about availability and whether the applicant can work during the school year, at least 2-3 days a week.

If you can’t work Saturdays or can’t work during the school year, you probably won’t get hired.

Saturdays are a popular day for employees to request a day off, and it wouldn't be fair to the existing staff if new hires are routinely given this day off.

Those who work only seasonally, such as during the summer, are usually either returning employees or individuals with previous Chick-fil-A experience who don't require extensive training.

The rest of the questions usually focus on why you would want to work at a place that’s notoriously busy when other places are hiring as well.

This is to gauge whether you’d fit into the “friendly” culture Chick-fil-A promotes. For example, the interviewer may ask about your hobbies. If you’re passionate about your hobbies, whether it’s playing video games or sports, it shows you care about something.

Contrast that with someone who says, “I don’t know, I just hang with my friends. I guess”.

If you don’t care about hobbies you consider fun, you probably won’t care about work.

Some Chick-fil-A store managers would ask for three words your friends would use to describe you, or about a time you received good customer service and how that made you feel.

Understand the interviewer’s point of view

To prepare for a Chick-fil-A interview, it’s wise to understand what the interviewer is looking for. Here are the things that hiring managers consider when deciding who to hire:

1. Someone available to work on weekends. Chick-fil-A is busy during weekends. They need someone to work hard on Saturdays and Sundays. If you’re not available on Saturdays, chances are you won’t get hired.

2. Someone who works well with others. Chick-fil-A is big on team bonding. They need someone who can work in a team environment. Show that you’re a good team player and you’ll have a good chance of landing the job.

3. Someone who is trainable. The restaurant wants to hire coachable staff who listen, not stubborn people who don’t follow instructions. You should highlight that you are eager to learn from other people on the team.

All of the questions they ask are to test these main points, so you’re bound to get the job if you give them a good impression. Dress nicely, be on time, and be polite and friendly.

Talk about how you enjoy working with others and communicating with customers who you want to help have a positive experience. Good luck!

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