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Dreaming about losing hair is a horrifying scenario especially when you have been experiencing loss in real life. From a cultural perspective, hair has been a symbol of power and strength. As you have probably read, hair loss is triggered by stress-inducing factors that contribute to its loss. 

While dreaming about hair loss is common for most people, dreaming about hair falling can be a loss of control in some areas of life. There are several reasons attributed to the shedding of hair, and dream analysts are quick to decipher its inherent meanings. Let’s get into why you’re dreaming about losing hair and what your subconscious might be trying to tell you. 

What Does Losing Hair In Dreams Mean? 

The fear of hair loss is daunting in real life so imagine when you start dreaming about losing huge locks of your healthy hair. According to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, our hair represents the unique thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that sprout from our heads. If you cut your hair in a dream, it means that you are perhaps changing your mind about something or severing ties with someone from the past. 

But that isn’t it. Lauri explains that the hue and shape of your hair even bear resemblance to certain circumstances in real life. For example, if you have a shade lighter in your dream than what it is in real life, it symbolizes a lightening of your mindset or a new idea. While there are various dream interpretations of hair loss, some of the most unique meanings are revealed later in this article. 

Different Scenarios Of Losing Hair (& What They Mean! )

There can be various interpretations depending on the different kinds of dreams involving hair loss. You could be dreaming of losing hair when combing or noticing huge chunks of hair on your hand. 

Some people dream about watching someone else’s hair fall out while others face baldness. All these dreams can have different interpretations and even relate to cultural notions associated with hair. You can learn a lot from these dreams if you try to analyze them. 

If You Dream Of Losing Hair In Clumps  

You are apprehensive of medical issues related to pattern baldness. Long hair is a symbol of power and vitality and to become immune to danger, the chief heads of Masai, an African tribe believed in preserving the natural locks of hair instead of immediately cutting it off. 

According to a seminar titled Children’s dreams and spearheaded by Carl Jung, there was an emphasis on the growing tufts of hair which often represented magical strength and extraordinary power. If you’re dreaming about losing hair in clumps, you’re probably afraid of developing conditions like cancer. Dreaming of losing hair can also be associated with financial problems you may be dreading. 

If You Dream Of Pulling Out Your Hair

It could be a sign of powerlessness in a particular relationship or situation. Most dream interpretations often suggest a toxic relationship that is draining all your energy and creating bouts of anxiousness within your being. 

Most experts suggest that dreamers should evaluate close relationships that are causing these feelings and try to resolve their immediate issues. Dreaming of pulling your hair is a manifestation of stressful situations in real 

If You Dream Of Hair Loss While Combing 

You are about to enter a new phase or the next chapter of your life. When you voluntarily brush your hair and experience hair loss, it means shedding past scars and embracing your new self.

Another interpretation of such dreams is losing a large amount of hair while you are combing. This is an indication of letting others take control over you and making life-changing decisions for you. You are completely fine with this proposition as you notice others brushing off your suggestions during important situations. Try to take a stand for yourself and reprimand them for not taking you seriously in these situations. 

If You Dream Of A Wig To Cover Up Hair Loss

You are surrounded by fake people who appear to have your best wishes in store. If you dream of a wig to cover up hair loss, it could also be a way to conceal your insecurities. Most people who dream of pattern baldness are dealing with low self-esteem issues and are scared of the future. Covering up your baldness with a wig is an affirmation of you manipulating the way you appear to people. 

Alternatively, if you dream of your wig falling out, it can be an indication of unexpected costs you might have to bear to get out of an emergency. In this case, make sure you are saving well in advance to bear such costs without becoming bankrupt. 

If You Dream Of Someone Else’s Hair Falling Out

You’ll have to first identify what hair means to you and what this person represents in your life. You might be able to uncover its significance once you have identified these prerequisites. Depending on these factors, their hair falling out can have several meanings. 

Some interpretations suggest that these dreams could be linked with spiritual or physical weakness. It could also mean that you are concerned about their health and wellbeing. Since losing hair is often linked to loss of control and stressful situations according to Adora Winquist, a dream expert, dreaming of someone else’s hair falling out could be a sign that this person is going through a rough patch. Make sure to check up on them and show your concern for their wellbeing. 

Dream Interpretations of Losing Hair

Dream analysis is an effective method that helps you to understand your subconscious mind while relating it to real-life experiences. When it comes to dream interpretations, the details of a dream are less important than your immediate response to them based on a 2020 review. Does losing hair-trigger fear and anxiety or are you more relaxed about the outcome? 

Depending on how you feel during a dream dictates the course of its interpretation. Some common interpretations of recurring dreams associated with hair loss are linked below. 

You Are Afraid Of Aging/ Death

Although our time on earth is limited, it still is terrifying though to leave when the time arrives. Dreaming of losing hair is a sign of aging which means you are reaching the end of the life cycle. 

As a full head of hair is viewed as a sign of virility, you could be longing for the vitality and strength that comes with being young. As you grow older, you become frail, losing the vibrance of youth. If you dream of greying hair falling out, it represents a fear of aging and eventually, dying. 

You Do Not Want To Lose Control 

One dream interpretation associates losing hair with the loss of control in situations. If you dream about losing hair and that instance evokes feelings of helplessness and fear, you could be wanting to exert control again. 

If you are feeling unsatisfied at your workplace because of your toxic boss and dread every day, you could be coping with this situation by dreaming about losing hair. Since you are unable to revolt against your superior, you could channel feelings by writing in a journal. 

You Are Shedding Old Ideas Or Beliefs 

According to dream expert Lauri Loewenberg, loss of hair connotes a shedding of old ideas or beliefs that were previously holding you back. If you have been wanting to break out of your shell and do something different, you could be dreaming of hair loss as a sign.

It could represent a crossroads where you are apprehensive about making a decision. 

You Are Experiencing Stress

Stress and hair loss are linked according to research by the Mayo Clinic. Stress is often related to different types of health concerns, one of them being hair loss. It’s no surprise you may be dreaming of losing hair due to stress-induced situations in your real working life. 

Make time to recuperate from stressful work projects. If you are facing stress in your relationships, try to establish a healthy boundary for yourself as well as your partner. 

If you want to reduce stress, it’s always advisable to talk to a therapist or dream expert. 


Losing hair can be a scary proposition, especially when you have undecipherable dreams related to it. Luckily, you’ll now be able to identify the first thing in your dreams: how you feel in these dreams. 

Once you know the meaning behind your dream, you can take the necessary steps to implement change in your life. Remember to be patient with yourself while discerning hair loss in dreams. It’s always recommended to seek guidance from a therapist or dream expert if you want to know its root cause.

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