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Are you preparing for a job interview at Greggs? If so, you're probably wondering what kind of questions you'll be asked and how to answer them.

I asked several teenagers who got a job at Greggs and compiled a list of the most common Greggs interview questions along with their answers. This article will help you prepare for your interview.

1) Why do you want to work at Greggs?

Greggs Interview Questions

Talk about how working at Greggs is an opportunity to grow professionally, whether it's learning new skills, gaining experience in the food and retail industry, or progressing in your career.

If you have a genuine appreciation for what Greggs offers (like their food items), mention this. Being a fan of the company’s products can be a strong reason for wanting to work there.

Pro tip: One teenager got the job by mentioning Greggs’ breakfast club that feeds kids breakfast for free. You can do the same thing to answer this question.

Sample answer:

“I’ve always admired Greggs for its commitment to providing quality, affordable food while also focusing on sustainability and community involvement. I’m particularly impressed by your initiatives like reducing food waste and promoting healthier food options. As a regular customer, I’ve always enjoyed the friendly and welcoming atmosphere in your stores, which aligns with my own values of providing excellent customer service. I’m excited about the opportunity to grow professionally in a supportive environment like Greggs, and I’m keen to contribute to the team and learn more about the food and retail industry. I believe working at Greggs would be a rewarding experience where I can develop new skills and be part of a company that genuinely cares about its customers and employees.”

This response shows that you’ve done your homework about the company and that your values and career aspirations align well with what Greggs offers as an employer.

2) What do you know about Greggs?

Do your research before going to your interview. 

Greggs is the UK's leading pastry chain, renowned for its freshly baked goods such as pasties, sandwiches, cakes, and cookies. This beloved British institution has been in operation for over 70 years and extends beyond retail outlets to also provide catering services for events and parties.

Here are some key facts about Greggs include:

  • The company was founded in 1939 by John Gregg in Newcastle upon Tyne. It has since grown to be one of the UK's foremost pastry chains, boasting over 2,000 locations.
  • The first Greggs shop opened in 1951 in Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • Greggs offers a wide variety of items, including sandwiches, wraps, salads, pastries, cakes, and hot drinks. The sausage roll stands out as their most popular product.
  • In 2017, Greggs expanded its menu to include vegan options, with the vegan sausage roll becoming a huge hit.
  • Alongside traditional stores, Greggs has introduced more than 100 “Greggs Moment” locations, offering a convenient service in addition to their traditional product range.

If you visit Greggs often, chances are you have a favorite pastry item. Be sure to mention this. You can also learn more about unique Greggs facts before going to the interview.

3) What makes Greggs special and unique?

When answering this question, highlight your alignment with the company's values and initiatives. One employee who got a job at Greggs told me that he mentioned the charity. how they made vegan food popular, and made breakfast on the go.

Sample answer:

“I’ve always admired Greggs for its strong community presence and commitment to making quality food accessible to everyone. What particularly stands out to me is Greggs’ dedication to charity work, contributing significantly to community welfare, which aligns with my own values of giving back to the community. I’m also impressed by how Greggs has been a trailblazer in popularizing vegan options, like the hugely popular vegan sausage roll, catering to a diverse range of dietary preferences. Greggs has also innovatively transformed the concept of breakfast on the go, making it more convenient for people with busy lifestyles. Being part of a team that leads in both culinary innovation and social responsibility is something that excites me. I see working at Greggs as a unique opportunity to contribute to a company that not only leads in the food industry but also cares deeply about its customers and the wider community.”

This response demonstrates your understanding of Greggs' values and achievements, and it clearly aligns your personal values and career aspirations with the company's ethos.

4) What is your favorite pastry/bake?

Pick a pastry or bake that you genuinely enjoy from Greggs. It's better to be authentic in your choice. Share specific reasons why it's your favorite.

Sample answer:

“My favorite bake from Greggs has to be the Steak Bake. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of the pastry - it’s perfectly flaky and golden, and the steak filling is both flavorful and hearty. It’s a great example of how Greggs combines quality ingredients with convenience, which I think is one of the reasons why it’s so popular with customers. Every time I have a Steak Bake, it’s consistently delicious, which speaks volumes about Greggs’ commitment to product quality. It’s not just a personal favorite; it’s a testament to what Greggs does best – creating satisfying, high-quality food that’s accessible to everyone.”

This response shows that you’re familiar with Greggs' products and that you share the company’s enthusiasm for quality and customer satisfaction.

5) Tell me about your experience working in a team

When answering this question, demonstrate your teamwork skills and how they have positively impacted past projects or work environments.

Sample answer:

“In my previous role at a busy retail store, I was part of a team responsible for managing the stock and organizing promotional displays. During a particularly hectic holiday season, we were faced with the challenge of setting up an extensive promotional area under a tight deadline. My role involved coordinating with team members to design the layout and efficiently stock products. This experience honed my skills in communication and collaboration, as we had to constantly align our efforts and adapt to last-minute changes. Thanks to our strong team dynamics and clear division of responsibilities, we completed the setup ahead of schedule, which significantly boosted our holiday sales. This experience reinforced the value of teamwork, clear communication, and mutual support in achieving common goals. I believe these skills are directly transferable to a team-oriented environment at Greggs, where collaboration and efficiency are key to success.”

This response demonstrates your teamwork experience and skills, and how they are relevant to the collaborative and fast-paced work environment at Greggs.

6) What makes a good team?

When answering this question, focus on the key elements that contribute to effective teamwork and how these elements align with the work environment at Greggs.

Sample answer:

“A good team is characterized by a combination of diverse skills and strengths, where each member brings something unique to the table. Effective communication is key; it ensures that everyone understands their roles and the team's goals. Collaboration and mutual support are essential for achieving these goals, and this can only happen in an environment of mutual respect and trust. In a dynamic workplace like Greggs, it’s also important for a team to be adaptable and flexible, ready to respond to changing demands. A positive attitude and commitment from each team member, along with clear accountability, are fundamental for a team's success. Strong leadership is crucial for providing guidance and support, helping the team overcome challenges and stay focused on their objectives. I believe these elements not only make a good team but also contribute to a productive and enjoyable work environment.”

This response shows that you understand the key components of a successful team and can articulate how these components are particularly relevant in the context of working at Greggs.

7) What is good customer service to you?

Start by stating that good customer service begins with understanding and anticipating customer needs, then highlight the importance of friendly and positive interactions.

Sample answer:

“To me, good customer service means understanding and effectively meeting customer needs. It’s about providing friendly, welcoming interactions each time, ensuring customers feel valued and respected. In a fast-paced environment like Greggs, efficiency and promptness are crucial, as customers often need quick service. Having thorough knowledge of the products and being able to confidently respond to queries is also vital. Good customer service doesn’t stop there; it includes professionally and empathetically handling any complaints or issues, ensuring the customer leaves satisfied. Consistently maintaining high-quality service across all customer interactions is key. Adding a personal touch and going the extra mile can really enhance the customer experience, making it memorable. From what I understand, these values align closely with Greggs’ approach to customer service, focusing on not just fulfilling customer needs but exceeding their expectations.”

This response demonstrates your comprehensive understanding of good customer service and aligns your perspective with the customer-focused values that Greggs upholds.

8) How would you encourage a customer to buy more products?

Mention the significance of understanding what the customer is looking for. Tailoring your suggestions to their specific needs or preferences can encourage additional purchases.

Sample answer:

“In encouraging customers to buy more products at Greggs, I believe the key is having a deep knowledge of the product range. This allows me to make personalized suggestions based on the customer’s current choices or preferences. For instance, if a customer is buying a sandwich for lunch, I might mention a special offer on a drink or a snack that complements their meal. Keeping customers informed about promotions and new items can also spark their interest in trying additional products. Offering samples of new products, where feasible, can be a great way to introduce customers to items they might not have considered before. Building a friendly rapport is crucial too, as customers are more likely to accept suggestions from someone they trust and feel comfortable with. But, it’s important to ensure that these recommendations are subtle and not pushy, as the customer’s positive experience is paramount. I understand that at Greggs, the focus is always on providing excellent customer service, and I believe that gently guiding customers to explore more products is a natural part of that service.”

This response shows that you understand the importance of customer experience and how to effectively, yet subtly, encourage additional purchases in a way that aligns with Greggs’ values and customer service standards.

9) Tell me about a time when you have gone above and beyond for a customer

When answering this question, it's important to share a specific example that highlights your commitment to exceptional customer service.

Sample answer:

“There was a time in my previous role at a café when a regular customer came in looking very distressed; she had lost her wallet. She was a familiar face, and I knew she was on her way to work. Recognizing her distress, I quickly offered her a coffee and her usual breakfast item at the house, assuring her that she could settle the bill another time. I also took down her contact details and promised to inform her if anyone found her wallet. Thankfully, another customer turned in the wallet later that day, and we were able to return it to her promptly. She was extremely grateful for both the gesture and the assistance in retrieving her wallet. This experience was rewarding for me personally, as I was able to help someone in a stressful situation and turn their day around. I believe this approach aligns well with Greggs' commitment to outstanding customer service and community values, where going the extra mile for customers is not just encouraged but celebrated.”

This response effectively demonstrates your willingness to provide exceptional customer service and shows how your actions can have a meaningful impact, aligning well with the values of a customer-focused company like Greggs.

10) How do you deal with rude customers?

Explain how you would try to understand the root of their frustration.

Your goal is to address the underlying issue that has led to their rudeness, whether it’s a product complaint, service issue, or something else.

Sample answer:

“In dealing with rude customers, I’ve found that staying calm and professional is key. I listen actively to understand their concerns, showing empathy even if their approach is challenging. For instance, in my previous role, I encountered a customer who was upset about a delay in service. I listened to their concerns without interruption, apologized for the inconvenience, and explained how we would expedite their order. Maintaining a respectful and polite demeanor, I offered them a complimentary item for their wait. In most cases, this approach helps to de-escalate the situation. If the customer remains dissatisfied or the situation escalates, I know it’s important to involve a manager. Every interaction, even challenging ones, is a learning opportunity to improve my customer service skills. I believe this approach aligns well with Greggs’ commitment to excellent customer service, where the focus is always on respecting the customer and seeking to resolve issues effectively.”

This response demonstrates your ability to handle difficult situations with composure and professionalism, reflecting the high standards of customer service expected at Greggs.

11) What skills do you have that make you a great employee for Greggs?

When answering this question, it's important to highlight skills and attributes that align with Greggs' values and the specific requirements of the role you're applying for.

Sample answer:

“I believe my skills and attributes align well with the requirements of a role at Greggs. I have a strong background in customer service, having worked in fast-paced retail environments where effective communication and patience are key. I’m comfortable working in a team and have always enjoyed collaborating with colleagues to ensure smooth operations. My adaptability and quick learning abilities enable me to handle various tasks efficiently and adapt to new challenges. Attention to detail is another strength of mine, particularly important in a setting like Greggs where product quality and adherence to safety standards are crucial. I’m known for my reliability and punctuality, understanding the importance of consistent performance in a retail context. Also, I have a genuine enthusiasm for the Greggs brand, admiring its commitment to quality and community. I’m excited about the opportunity to bring these skills to a team that values high standards of service and teamwork.”

This response showcases the skills and qualities that make you a suitable candidate for Greggs, demonstrating how your abilities align with the company's needs and values.

12) What would you do if you discovered a customer had been overcharged?

Explain that you would take immediate action to correct the overcharge. This could involve processing a refund or making the necessary adjustments to the transaction.

Don’t forget to mention that you would follow Greggs' specific procedures for handling overcharges. This may include involving a supervisor or using a particular system for refunds.

Sample answer:

“If I discovered that a customer had been overcharged, my first step would be to acknowledge the mistake and offer a sincere apology. It’s important to show the customer that we take such matters seriously and are committed to rectifying the error. I would then promptly process a refund or make the necessary adjustments to correct the overcharge, ensuring the customer is fully reimbursed. I would follow all of Greggs’ established procedures for handling such situations, including involving a supervisor if required. To ensure the customer leaves satisfied, I would also see if there’s an additional gesture of goodwill we could offer, within the company’s guidelines, such as a voucher for their next visit. After resolving the issue, I would reflect on the cause of the overcharge and think about what steps could be taken to prevent similar mistakes in the future. This could involve double-checking transactions or discussing with the team how we can improve our accuracy at the point of sale.”

This response shows that you understand the importance of addressing customer concerns swiftly and professionally, while also considering the company’s policies and the importance of learning from such incidents to improve future service.

13) How flexible are you?

Flexibility is a big part of being a Greggs employee. It's essential to demonstrate your adaptability and willingness to meet the varying demands of the role.

Sample answer:

“I consider myself quite flexible and adaptable, which I believe is essential in a fast-paced environment like Greggs. I’m open to working a variety of shifts, including early mornings, evenings, and weekends, and I understand the importance of being available during peak business times. In my previous role in retail, I frequently adapted to changing schedules and even covered shifts for colleagues on short notice. I’m comfortable taking on various tasks, whether it’s serving customers, preparing food items, or ensuring the store is well-stocked and tidy. I also pride myself on being able to learn new tasks and systems quickly, which helps in adapting to different roles as needed. While I do have some commitments outside of work, I always strive to be as accommodating as possible with my schedule. I understand that flexibility is key to the smooth operation of a store like Greggs, and I’m ready to contribute to that flexibility.”

This response demonstrates your understanding of the need for flexibility in a retail setting and shows that you are a team player who is willing to adapt to meet the needs of the business.

14) Do you have any vacations coming up?

Be honest while also showing your commitment to the job.

According to a Greggs employee, the interviewer said that the company will respect you if you have vacations in the near future. They will let you go on holiday, then you can work.

If You Have Plans: “I do have a vacation planned from [start date] to [end date]. I understand the importance of team coordination and minimal disruption, especially in a customer-focused environment like Greggs. I am committed to ensuring my responsibilities are managed effectively during my absence and would be happy to make any necessary arrangements or adjustments in advance.”

If You Don’t Have Plans: “Currently, I don’t have any vacation plans. I understand the importance of advance planning for any time off to ensure it aligns well with the team’s needs and busy periods. I’m committed to being flexible and maintaining good communication about any future time off requests.”

What to wear for a Greggs interview to get hired

Aim for a smart-casual look. A polo shirt is a good choice as it strikes a balance between being well-dressed without being overly formal. Ensure your clothes are clean and presentable.

Good hygiene is also important. Make sure to shower, brush your teeth, and wash and comb your hair. Don’t forget to use deodorant. While these may seem like basic steps, they're crucial and sometimes overlooked.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking but try to stay relaxed. Remember, this is likely the first of many interviews in your life.

Approaching the interview with a good balance of professionalism in your attire, attention to personal hygiene, and a calm, authentic attitude will set a positive tone and make a strong impression.

What to expect in a Greggs job interview

Expect a supportive and informative interview process at Greggs, especially if you're entering the workforce for the first time. The interviewers are known to guide candidates through the questions, offering hints and being understanding, particularly for younger applicants.

Many questions will revolve around basic cleaning practices and health and safety. These are usually straightforward and rely on common sense.

You may be asked about your understanding of the role. A good response would include mentioning customer service, baking, restocking items like drinks and snacks, and maintaining store cleanliness.

Be yourself and let your personality shine through. Greggs values real, genuine people who can bring a personal touch to their customer service.

Understand the interviewer’s point of view

Preparing for a Greggs interview involves understanding what the interviewer is looking for. Here are key factors hiring managers consider when deciding on candidates:

Someone who goes above and beyond for customer service. Tesco values someone who's proactive in offering help. As long as you're eager, love to work in a team, take initiative and understand the business you'll be fine.

Someone who is open to various roles. Be open to performing various roles. Depending on the store’s needs and space, you might be trained in baking, operating tills, and sandwich making. Greggs provides training, so prior experience in food retail isn't necessary.

Someone who is available to work in the morning. Some Greggs stores start early (around 5 am). It’s important to consider if you are a morning person.

Be clear about the hours you can work. This helps in assigning shifts that suit your schedule, especially if you prefer mid-day or closing shifts. If you're still studying, mention your school schedule so that your shifts can be adjusted during holidays or term time.
Be sure to mention the Greggs Foundation: This is one thing you can do to stand out from the other candidates. Learn about the program and mention something specific, like how there are charity boxes in every store. The store manager will definitely appreciate this comment.

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