Niki Davis-Fainbloom, M.A.

Hello! I'm a certified relationship and sexual wellness coach with a Master's degree in psychology from NYU. I've also studied sexuality at the Kinsey Institute.

Career Highlights

I've led over 500 Sex Education Workshops at venues like the United Nations, Planned Parenthood, and New York University. My mission is simple: using science, humor, and practical advice to help you enrich your relationships and sexual well-being.

In the Media

You may have read my articles in Cosmopolitan, Mind Body Green, or The Insider. I've also been featured in podcasts and educational videos. And guess what? I'm currently working on a book about demystifying fetishes!

My Journey

After completing my Master's, I worked at Mount Sinai Hospital as a Sexual Assault Preventionist. Now, I offer individual and couples coaching, helping people experience deeper intimacy and pleasure.

Globetrotting Insights

I've traveled to Oman, Crimea, and Iceland to learn about different cultural views on sex. Whether it's a chat with my grandma or a Brooklyn bus driver, I've learned that everyone's perspective is unique and enriching.

Academic Background

I began my educational path with a BA from Ryerson University and continued to deepen my understanding at institutions like the Kinsey Institute and Guelph University.

Speaking Engagements

I've shared my expertise at New York University, the National Sex Ed Conference, and many more respected platforms.

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