Terror Management Theory (Definition + Examples)

Terror Management Theory (TMT) is a compelling psychological theory that delves into how humans grapple with their fear of mortality. Rooted in the foundational work of Ernest Becker, this theory elucidates how our cognizance of death’s inevitability molds our cultural beliefs, values, and behaviors. It offers insights into why we form profound attachments to certain … Read more

Flow (Optimal Experience in Psychology)

Think of a time when you were completely engrossed in an activity, where hours felt like minutes and every challenge felt surmountable. This heightened state, known as flow in psychology, isn’t just about superior performance or creativity. At its core, the most profound benefit of flow is an unparalleled sense of contentment, well-being, and accomplishment. … Read more

Functional Fixedness (Definition + Examples)

If you’re here, you are probably researching functional fixedness to help you solve a problem or write a paper. Have no fear since this page aims to give you everything you need to know, including a few functional fixedness examples! What is Functional Fixedness? Functional fixedness is a mental obstacle that makes us see objects … Read more

The Mandela Effect (Definition + Examples)

Have you ever been convinced that you remembered something exactly as it happened, only to realize that you’d been wrong? That’s not surprising—we know that our memory is not always reliable. But what if you discovered other people had the same incorrect memory of the event?  What is the Mandela Effect?  The Mandela Effect is … Read more

Free Will vs Determinism (Debate in Psychology)

Do you believe in free will? Do you freely choose to make all of your decisions? These are some big questions, and the answers from philosophers and psychologists may upset you. And it won’t help if I tell you that your upset feelings are not something that you chose to feel, either. But that’s the … Read more

Free Online IQ Test (No Email + 5 Mins + Instant Results)

If you’re looking for a free online IQ test with no registration and no email required, look no further! Follow the instructions below to get started: Perhaps you’ve encountered an IQ test online, like the free one mentioned earlier, or you underwent one during school. IQ tests are a staple in many educational environments, with … Read more

Cognitive Psychology

If you’re here, you’re probably a psychology student or want to know what a cognitive psychologist does. Lucky you, I’ve compiled a huge list of different fields and topics in cognitive psychology and turned this page into a giant resource just for you.  What is Cognitive Psychology? Cognitive Psychology studies the mind and behavior, viewing … Read more