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“He loves me, he loves me not…” Whether you are relying on the petals of a flower or taking an online test, you’re not the first person who wondered whether a guy likes them more than a friend. Men have been taught to be unemotional and elusive. Expressing feelings is usually not a guy’s forte. But there are ways to determine, from his actions, that he is interested in a more serious, romantic relationship. 

Of course, this quiz won’t give you the right answer every time. Guys may act a certain way to earn affection in the moment, even if they do not have any interest in a committed relationship. The best way to determine whether a guy wants to date you is to ask him yourself. Nervous? Afraid of rejection? These are all normal feelings that bubble up when you are facing uncertainty. Use this post and the advice throughout the Practical Pie page to prepare for this conversation and the results! 

Signs That He Likes You 

  • He introduces you to his friends and family.
  • He goes out of his way to do nice things for you. 
  • When you talk, he listens. 
  • His body language is open when you’re with him (eye contact, arms open, leaning toward you, etc.) 
  • The way he shows affection is the same in public as when you are alone. 
  • His compliments are about more than just your looks. 
  • He posts about you on his social media pages. 
  • He isn’t afraid to be vulnerable about his feelings, hopes and dreams, goals, etc. 

The Best Way to Find Out If He Likes You? Ask! 

You can take all the tests in the world, but nothing will give a more accurate picture of his feelings than an honest conversation. Ask this guy how he feels about you. If you trust him to be an honest person, he will tell you honestly about his feelings. If you don’t trust him to be honest about his feelings, do you really want to date him in the first place? 

Rejection is tough, but don’t let the fear of the “wrong answer” hold you back. If he does like you, this will be the first of many tough conversations you will have as a happy couple. If he doesn’t like you, you will have more space to date, explore, and find a person who does like you in the way you deserve. You deserve a relationship with a guy who can honestly tell you that he likes you! 

How to Ask a Guy if He Likes You 

Tell him you want to have a serious conversation. Let him know ahead of time that you’re interested in having a chat about your relationship. If he is hesitant to engage with you, take it as a sign that he is not interested (and let him know!) Avoiding these conversations could be a sign that he does not want to commit or hurt you. If he is open to the conversation, great!

Talk without distractions. Don’t have a chat over text or when you could be focusing on other people. A pool party or a club is not the proper setting to have an open and vulnerable conversation. Find a time when the two of you can put away your phones and just focus on each other. Again, if he is hesitant, he might not be that into you. Let him know that you want to have a one-on-one conversation if you would like the relationship to progress. 

Be open and vulnerable. You cannot expect him to be open and vulnerable if you don’t reciprocate. Since you are starting the conversation, let him know how you feel and what you intend to learn from the conversation. Be very clear with how he has made you feel through his actions. 

Then, ask him if he likes you as more than a friend! 

What Happens If He Does Like You? 

Congratulations! If the two of you have expressed mutual, romantic feelings for each other, you’re on the right track. Now it’s time to figure out where to go on your journey together. Continue to share your feelings openly and honestly. Are you ready for a romantic relationship? Do you want to be exclusive? Do you need to have conversations with other people before you can be exclusive? 

Your relationship may not begin the moment you both declare that you have feelings for each other, and that’s okay. Allow your relationship to start on your timeline when both of you are ready. If there is a disconnect on when your relationship should start, talk about it. In these conversations, you may discover that you may be best off as friends, and that’s okay, too. Leave yourself open to any and all possibilities. 

What Happens If He Doesn’t Like You? 

This news isn’t probably what you want to hear. Give yourself time to process your emotions, and know that your emotions are valid. If this means taking a step back from your friendship, that’s okay. Be honest about your expectations and how he should best approach your relationship as you move on. You can still be friends, but only if you feel comfortable with that. 

Letting go of someone is hard, especially if you had expected to grow with them in the future. Feelings of grief are normal. Take as much time as you need to heal from this change in your relationship. Reach out to friends and family or indulge in some self-care. This time should be a reminder that, single or not, you are a great person who deserves a great, healthy relationship. Healthy relationships begin with two people who are excited to be together. This guy may not have been excited to be in a romantic relationship, and that’s okay. With this knowledge and experience, you can find someone who is excited to be with you. 

Best of luck on your dating search! 


  1. Has this person told you directly that he likes you? 
    1. No, I don’t know how he feels about me. - 2 
    2. No, he told me that he’s not interested in me. But maybe he’s playing hard to get, right? - 1 
    3. Yes, he told me he likes me! - 3 
  2. Has he introduced you to his friends?
    1. No, he has not brought up introducing me to his friends yet. - 1
    2. I know his friends through school, work, or other introductions not made by him. - 1 
    3. One or two friends! - 2 
    4. Yes, I know a lot of his friends. - 3 
  3. Does he talk to you about his girl problems or romantic life? 
    1. Yes, he complains about girls that he’s been seeing. - 1 
    2. We don’t really talk about that kind of stuff. - 2 
    3. No, because I am his romantic life! - 3
  4. Does he make an effort to see you or are you asking him to hang out? 
    1. It’s split 50/50. - 2 
    2. He is usually asking me to hang out. - 3
    3. I’m usually asking him to hang out. - 1 
  5. Is he single? 
    1. Yes. - 3 
    2. Not really, but it’s complicated. - 2 
    3. No, but there’s still hope for me! - 1
  6. Have you met his family? 
    1. Yes. - 3
    2. Yes, but he wasn’t the person to introduce me to them. - 2 
    3. No. - 1
  7. How often do you catch him looking at you? 
    1. Very often! - 3
    2. Sometimes, but he’s hard to read. - 2 
    3. Rarely. - 1 
  8. What do his friends know about your relationship? 
    1. He likes to keep relationships private. - 1 
    2. I’m not sure what his friends know about us! - 2 
    3. He tells them everything, so they likely know what’s going on between us. - 3 
  9. Do your friends think that he likes you? 
    1. Yes, they keep encouraging me to ask him out! - 3 
    2. They don’t know him well enough to make a judgment call. - 2 
    3. They are just worried that I’m going to get my feelings hurt. - 1 
  10. How does he prefer to communicate with you? 
    1. We typically text unless we’re together. - 1 
    2. He will call or FaceTime me. - 3
    3. All of our time is spent together! - 2 
  11. Has he expressed wanting to be in a relationship? 
    1. Yes, he wants to be in a relationship. - 3 
    2. Yes, but I don’t know if he wants to be in a relationship with me. - 2 
    3. I don’t know if he is looking for a relationship or not. - 2 
    4. He is very clear that he does not want to be in a relationship.  - 1
  12. Does he ever send you a message just because he’s thinking about you? 
    1. Yes, all the time. - 3 
    2. Sometimes, but it’s usually late at night. - 2 
    3. No. - 1 
  13. Do people generally say that he’s shy or reserved? 
    1. Not at all! - 1 
    2. Sometimes, he doesn’t open up to people easily. - 2 
    3. Yes, he’s known for being super shy. - 3 
  14. Do you have any reason to believe that he doesn’t like you? 
    1. He’s told me. - 1 
    2. No, but he hasn’t given me a reason to believe that he does like me. - 2
    3. No, I’m just curious. - 3 
  15. Has he ever bought you gifts? 
    1. Yes, all the time! - 3 
    2. For special occasions like birthdays and holidays, yes. - 2 
    3. Not yet! - 1 
  16. Does he post you on his social media stories? 
    1. Yes! - 3 
    2. No, but he doesn’t post much. - 2
    3. I don’t follow him on social media. - 1 
  17. Does he offer any public displays of affection? 
    1. Yes! - 3
    2. No, but he knows I don’t like that. - 2 
    3. No, he prefers to keep our relationship between us. - 1
  18.  Does he ever talk about your future? 
    1. Yes, and it’s very sweet. - 3 
    2. It hasn’t really come up. - 2 
    3. No, he would hate talking about that. - 1
  19. Has he asked about your feelings toward him? 
    1. He doesn’t seem that interested in my feelings. - 1 
    2. Occasionally, but he doesn’t reciprocate. - 2 
    3. He asks me all the time! - 3 
  20. When he makes plans, what do they usually look like? 
    1. Going over to his place to watch a movie or play video games. - 1 
    2. Going out to eat at a nice restaurant. - 2 
    3. It varies! Hanging out with friends, going shopping, you name it! - 3 


All Signs Point to Yes!

50-60 Points 

Based on his actions, it sounds like this guy likes you as more than a friend! Keep in mind that this quiz can’t tell the future. Be confident when you ask him about his feelings, but know he could still not want to enter a relationship right now. Allow you and him both to be open and honest about your feelings. Best of luck! 

It’s Time to Have a Conversation. 

36-49 Points 

It’s hard to say for sure whether he likes you as a friend or more. Sit this guy down and be honest about your feelings for him. If he’s not willing to open up, let him know that you’re taking it as a sign that he doesn’t like you and you are going to move on. Set clear expectations for your relationship moving forward whether he likes you as more than a friend or not. Good luck! 

This Might Not Be Going in the Direction You Think It’s Going…

20-35 Points 

Unfortunately, his actions don’t appear to show that he likes you as more than a friend. If this changes the way you want to approach your relationship, have a conversation. Tell him that you don’t think the relationship is moving forward in a romantic direction, but give him space to share his view. He might just be shy or nervous to show affection. Know that a healthy relationship begins with two people who enthusiastically show affection for each other. Even if you do not enter a relationship with him, you can find a relationship with a guy that likes you for you - and isn’t afraid to show it!

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