How to Deal with Being in a Long Distance Relationship

How to Deal with Being in a Long Distance Relationship

You may have recently found yourself in a long distance relationship without quite knowing how it happened, or perhaps it’s always been this way and you have both had to accept it from the start. Either way, it’s no secret that long distance relationships are tough! Whether you are 300 or 3000 miles away from each other, here are some tips on how to tackle the physical distance head on.

Long Distance Relationship

Here’s how to deal with being in a long distance relationship:

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Talking is instrumental as it’s all you have got when you’re not seeing your partner for days, weeks, or maybe even months! You should set some time every day to talk, whether that’s on the phone or over text messaging. You could argue that communication is all you have right now, so it’s important that it’s on top form! If you’re on different continents, this might mean you need to stay up late, or get up really early, because of potential time differences. Either way, talk as much as you can, laugh, and share everyday events with your partner to keep the emotional connection strong.

Communication in relationships

Make use of the latest technology.

The various avenues of technology that allow you to see your partner – such as Facetime and Skype – are incredibly useful when you’re in a long distance relationship. Just seeing their face through a phone can truly make your day, and make you feel physically close to them even though the reality is very different. As mentioned previously, communication is imperative; however, ensure that it is quality communication. One text here and there is probably not going to cut it!

Always have a date planned for the next meet up.

Even though you’re both busy and the date might be weeks into the future, it really does help to have one pencilled in the calendar. As soon as it’s set in stone and travel arrangements are made, you can count down the days together. It gives you something to look forward to if you’re going through a bad patch as a couple or desperately missing them.

Have long distance date nights.

Just because you’re in a long distance relationship, doesn’t mean you should neglect the romance. You can still spend time with your partner, even though it’s not physically in the same room! Why not watch a film together, or make a date to have dinner together, over Skype? If dinner doesn’t work because of time differences, then it could be drinks – or even coffee. Also, surprise your partner. A random text or Snapchat letting them know you’re thinking of them here and there will mean a lot to them and it keeps the spark alight.

Have the end goal in mind.

Long Distance Relationship Locks

Obviously long distance relationships can’t last forever. There has to be a set end date in mind where one of you will move to the other, or both of you will move to a new city together. If it’s impossible to work out an exact timeframe at the moment, then at least have a plan of action that you’ve discussed extensively and agreed upon. You have to be able to see a future together, physically together, otherwise there’s no point proceeding with the relationship.

No one ever said that long distance relationships are easy or straightforward – in fact, they are anything but! However, if you can survive your long distance period the, as a couple, you can survive anything. If you persevere, work through the different challenges and make it to the other side together, then your relationship will be stronger as a result. Good luck!

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