22 Techniques To Get A Guy To Like You (Psychological Examples)

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Navigating the world of dating and attraction can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can increase your chances of capturing the heart of that special someone. Discover 22 tricks to catch the eye of the guy you're interested in and build a strong connection. From simple gestures to psychological techniques, these tips will help you become a more attractive presence in the dating world. Ready to make a great impression or strengthen a bond? Let's dive in.

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1) Be Yourself

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One of the most important tricks to getting a guy to like you is to be yourself. Embracing your genuine personality and interests will help you stand out and shine. When you're true to yourself, you're more likely to attract someone who appreciates you for who you are instead of someone who falls for a fake version of you.

For example, if you're passionate about art, share your love for painting or drawing with the guy you're interested in. This can create opportunities for you to bond over shared interests or introduce him to something new that he might enjoy too.

Here are a few tips to help you be yourself:

  1. Be honest about your likes and dislikes.
  2. Share your unique hobbies and interests.
  3. Express your opinions and ideas, even if they're different from yours.

Remember, the best relationships are built on honesty, trust, and understanding. By being true to yourself, you'll attract a guy who genuinely likes you for who you are, and you'll be able to build a strong and lasting connection.

2) Smile

A warm, genuine smile can work wonders when trying to get a guy to like you. Smiling not only makes you more approachable and friendly, but it also has the power to brighten someone's day. A simple smile can transform your interactions, making you appear more confident and creating a positive atmosphere that attracts others.

For example, imagine you're at a party or social event and catch the eye of the guy you're interested in. Instead of looking away or keeping a neutral expression, offer him a friendly smile. This small gesture can create an instant connection and encourage him to approach you or initiate a conversation.

Smiling can also help you bond with the guy you like by making him feel at ease in your presence. When you're having a conversation, a smile can show that you're genuinely enjoying the interaction and interested in what he has to say. This can make him feel more comfortable around you, leading to deeper and more meaningful conversations.

3) Show Interest

When your goal is to spark a guy's interest, showing genuine curiosity about their life, hobbies, and passions is key. Instead of focusing solely on yourself, take the time to engage with the guy you're into by asking questions and listening attentively to his answers.

For instance, if you discover that he loves hiking, ask him about his favorite trails or the most memorable hikes he's been on. By doing this, you convey your interest in his experiences while also learning more about him. This kind of interaction can create a strong bond between you and make him more likely to be drawn to you.

Showing interest goes beyond asking questions; it also means being an active listener. Pay attention to his stories, and try to remember the details he shares. This demonstrates that you value his thoughts and feelings, which can make him feel appreciated and respected.

4) Be Confident

Confidence is an incredibly attractive quality when you want to catch someone's attention. When you exude self-assurance, you demonstrate that you're comfortable in your skin and know your worth. This can make you more appealing to the guy you're interested in and help you stand out.

For example, if you're at a social event, confidently introduce yourself to new people, including the guy you like. Maintain eye contact and engage in conversation without hesitation. Your confidence will make you more memorable and intriguing.

Here are some tips to boost your confidence:

  1. Practice good posture: Stand tall with your shoulders back and your head high.
  2. Speak clearly: Articulate your thoughts and ideas with conviction.
  3. Embrace your strengths: Acknowledge and celebrate your talents and achievements.
  4. Dress in a way that makes you feel good: Choose clothes that express your personality and make you feel comfortable and confident.
  5. Don't be afraid to share your opinions: Speak up and contribute to conversations, even if your perspective differs.

Keep in mind that confidence is not about arrogance or being overly assertive. It's about showing respect for yourself and others while also being comfortable with who you are. By cultivating confidence, you'll increase your chances of attracting the guy you're into and create a strong foundation for any future relationship.

5) Dress Well

Dressing well can help make a lasting impression on someone you're interested in. Dressing well shows that you care about how you present yourself and respect the people around you, including the guy you like. It's not about wearing expensive clothes or following the latest trends but choosing outfits that make you feel confident and express your personality.

For instance, imagine you're going to a party where you know the guy you're interested in will be present, instead of wearing something that makes you feel uncomfortable or doesn't reflect your style, opt for an outfit that showcases your unique fashion sense and makes you feel great. This will boost your confidence and make you stand out in the crowd.

Dressing well also involves paying attention to details like personal hygiene and grooming. A well-maintained appearance conveys self-respect and consideration for others, making you more approachable and attractive.

6) Laugh At His Jokes

Laughter is a powerful tool for creating connections and fostering positive feelings. When you're trying to capture the interest of someone special, laughing at his jokes can be an effective way to show that you enjoy his company and appreciate his sense of humor.

For example, don't be afraid to let out a genuine laugh when you're chatting with the guy you're interested in and he shares a funny story or cracks a joke. This simple reaction validates his humor and makes him feel good about himself. It can create a warm, enjoyable atmosphere that encourages further interaction.

Of course, it's important to be genuine in your laughter. Fake or forced laughter can be easily detected and may appear insincere. Instead, focus on finding humor in his jokes or stories and let your laughter come naturally.

Suppose you're struggling to find a way to tell a joke, play a game instead. You can use our list of 382 "never have I ever" questions or our list of 268 "would you rather" questions to get the ball rolling!

As you share laughter with the guy you like, you build a bond based on shared experiences and positive emotions. This can help you feel more comfortable around each other, paving the way for deeper and more meaningful conversations.

7) Give Compliments

Offering genuine compliments can be a powerful way to make a positive impression on someone you're interested in. When you take the time to acknowledge the achievements, talents, or qualities of the guy you like, it not only makes him feel good about himself but also shows that you're paying attention and appreciating him.

For example, if the guy you're attracted to shares an accomplishment at work or school, recognize his success with a sincere compliment. Tell him you're impressed by his dedication and hard work. This can boost his confidence and make him feel valued, creating a stronger connection between you.

Keep in mind that the most effective compliments are specific and genuine. Instead of offering vague or shallow praise, focus on identifying and appreciating his unique qualities. This can be anything from his problem-solving skills to his sense of style.

As you give compliments, be mindful of striking a balance. Overdoing it can come across as insincere or even manipulative. Aim for meaningful compliments that come from a place of genuine admiration and respect.

By offering sincere compliments, you create a positive atmosphere and strengthen the bond between you and the guy you're interested in. This can pave the way for deeper conversations and help build a foundation for a strong, authentic relationship.

8) Be Supportive

Being supportive is essential when connecting with someone you're interested in. When you offer your encouragement and understanding, it demonstrates that you care about his well-being and success.

For example, if the guy you like is facing a challenge or trying something new, express your support and belief in his abilities. Offer to help if you can, or be there to listen if he needs to talk.

Remember that being supportive doesn't mean taking responsibility for his problems or trying to fix everything. It's about being a positive presence in his life, empathizing with his feelings, and cheering him on as he navigates his path.

Being supportive creates a trusting and caring environment that can strengthen your connection and lay the foundation for a meaningful relationship.

9) Find Common Ground

people in the audience of a crowd at a music festival

Discovering shared interests or experiences can be a powerful way to connect with someone you're interested in. Finding common ground creates a sense of familiarity and belonging, which can be particularly appealing due to the ingroup bias. In this psychological phenomenon, people tend to favor those who are part of their "ingroup." The Ingroup Bias is the psychological bias that people tend to like people in similar groups.

For example, if you learn that the guy you're attracted to enjoys hiking and you share the same passion, bring up your favorite trails or memorable hiking adventures. This shared interest creates a feeling of belonging to the same "ingroup," making it more likely for you both to form a connection.

Finding common ground doesn't necessarily mean having identical hobbies or backgrounds; it can also be sharing similar values, beliefs, or goals. As you engage in conversations, pay attention to any areas of overlap, and use them as a basis for building a stronger bond.

Finding common ground and tapping into the ingroup bias can create a sense of connection and belonging, making it easier for the guy you're interested in to feel comfortable and drawn to you.

10) Be Positive

Maintaining a positive attitude when interacting with someone you're interested in can significantly impact how they perceive you. People are generally more attracted to those who exude positivity, as it creates a pleasant atmosphere and fosters good feelings. This preference can be explained by the "affective rewards" hypothesis, which suggests that people are drawn to others who make them feel good.

For example, when conversing with the guy you're attracted to, focus on sharing uplifting stories or discussing topics that bring out the best in both of you. Your positive energy can create a welcoming environment that encourages engagement and interaction.

Being positive doesn't mean avoiding difficult conversations or pretending everything is perfect. Instead, it's about adopting a constructive mindset, looking for the silver lining, and focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems.

By cultivating a positive attitude, you'll make yourself more appealing to the guy you're interested in and create a stronger foundation for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

11) Have Your Own Life

a woman rollerskating and looking joyful in her hobby

Maintaining your interests, hobbies, and social circles is crucial when connecting with someone you want. Having your own life demonstrates that you're independent and self-sufficient, which can be highly attractive.

For example, while getting to know the guy you like is important, ensure you're also dedicating time to your passions and pursuits. This balance will make you more interesting and show you can maintain a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Having your own life also helps prevent codependency in a potential relationship, allowing both partners to grow individually and contribute uniquely. It encourages mutual respect and appreciation for each other's interests and passions.

12) Be A Great Listener

Being an attentive listener is an invaluable skill when trying to connect with someone you're interested in. When you truly listen to what the guy you like is saying, it shows that you care about his thoughts and feelings, creating a deeper bond between you.

For example, imagine you're conversing with the guy you're attracted to, and he starts sharing a difficult experience he recently went through. Instead of interjecting with your own stories or giving unsolicited advice, focus on listening attentively and offering empathetic responses. Being present and genuinely caring about his feelings can create a strong connection beyond that conversation.

Here's a story to illustrate the power of being a great listener:

Sarah was interested in her coworker, Tom. They often chatted during lunch breaks, and Sarah noticed that Tom seemed struggling with a personal issue. One day, she decided to ask him how he was doing. Tom hesitated at first but eventually opened up about a recent breakup that was causing him a lot of emotional distress.

Sarah focused on being a great listener instead of offering solutions or sharing her experiences. She allowed Tom to express his feelings without judgment and offered supportive responses when appropriate. This made Tom feel understood and appreciated, which deepened their connection. Over time, their bond grew stronger, and they eventually started dating.

In conclusion, being a great listener can make a significant difference when connecting with someone you're interested in. You're laying the foundation for a strong, meaningful relationship by genuinely caring about their thoughts and feelings.

13) Use Light Touch

Incorporating light and non-invasive touch during interactions can help establish a connection with someone you're interested in. Touch can convey warmth, familiarity, and affection, making the person feel more comfortable around you. However, it's crucial to be mindful of personal boundaries and ensure your touch is respectful and appropriate.

Here are some examples of light touch that can help build a connection:

  1. Briefly touch their arm during conversation to emphasize a point or express empathy.
  2. Offer a friendly pat on the back to congratulate them on an accomplishment.
  3. Give a gentle, reassuring squeeze on their shoulder when they share something difficult or personal.
  4. Playfully nudge them with your elbow when sharing a laugh or light-hearted moment.
  5. If you've established a closer relationship, you might offer a brief hug as a greeting or farewell.

Everyone has different levels of comfort with touch, so paying attention to their reactions and adjusting your approach is essential. If you notice any discomfort, take a step back and respect their boundaries.

14) Be Playful and Flirty

Injecting a sense of playfulness into your interactions with someone you're interested in can make your conversations more enjoyable and memorable. Playfulness can help to break down barriers, create a lighthearted atmosphere, and foster a strong connection.

For example, don't be afraid to share a funny story or engage in light-hearted teasing when chatting with the guy you like. This can show that you're not taking yourself too seriously and are open to having fun together.

Being playful can also involve engaging in activities that bring out your inner child, such as playing games, trying new hobbies, or exploring new places together. These shared experiences can create positive memories and make your time together more exciting and fulfilling.

Remember that playfulness should always be respectful and considerate of the other person's feelings. Be aware of their reactions and adjust your approach to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable dynamic.

15) Use Mystery

Creating an air of mystery can pique someone's interest and make them more intrigued by you. By gradually revealing information about yourself and leaving some things to the imagination, you can spark curiosity and encourage the guy you're interested in to learn more about you.

Here are some examples of how to use mystery in your interactions:

  1. Share intriguing anecdotes without revealing all the details, inviting him to ask follow-up questions.
  2. Instead of always being available, occasionally have other plans or engagements, making your time together more valuable.
  3. Keep your social media presence curated, sharing enough to express your personality without oversharing.
  4. Be open to discussing various topics, but maintain private thoughts or opinions to share later.
  5. Dress stylishly and appealingly while leaving something to the imagination.

It's important to strike a balance between being mysterious and being honest and genuine. You don't want to appear secretive or deceptive but intriguing and multi-dimensional.

In conclusion, using mystery can effectively capture the attention of someone you're interested in. By gradually revealing aspects of your life and personality, you can create a sense of intrigue that encourages him to explore a deeper connection with you.

16) Create Inside Jokes

Developing inside jokes with someone you're interested in can be a great way to foster a sense of connection and exclusivity. Inside jokes create a shared sense of humor that only you two can appreciate, strengthening your bond and making your interactions more enjoyable.

For example, if you and the guy you like both find a particular movie quote hilarious, you could playfully incorporate that quote into your conversations. Or, if you both experience a funny or memorable moment together, you can bring it up later as a humorous reminder of your shared experience.

Inside jokes allow you to recollect a positive time in the past, which can deepen a sense of connection and comradery in relationships. In the context of inside jokes, repeatedly sharing and referencing a unique, shared experience can make the other person feel more connected to you and foster positive feelings.

17) Social Proof

Leveraging social proof can be a powerful way to attract the interest of someone you're interested in. Social proof is a psychological phenomenon where people tend to conform to the behavior of others, assuming that their actions are correct or desirable. In relationships, being seen as well-liked and respected by others can make you more appealing.

For example, engage positively with your friends, colleagues, or acquaintances when you're around the guy you like. Demonstrating that you have strong social connections and are well-regarded by others can make you seem more attractive and trustworthy.

Similarly, if you have accomplishments or experiences others admire, don't be afraid to share them humbly and genuinely. This can boost your perceived value and create intrigue.

Robert Cialdini is credited as the man behind the realization that social proof is extremely effective in getting people to like us.

It's important to use social proof responsibly and authentically. Avoid boasting or trying to impress others with superficial achievements. Instead, focus on showcasing your genuine qualities and positive relationships with those around you.

18) Play Hard To Get

a man holding his phone looking confused while a woman walks away from him

Playing hard to get can be an effective strategy for capturing the love of someone you're attracted to. Creating a sense of challenge and uncertainty can spark their curiosity and make them more eager to win your attention. This tactic can be attractive due to the "scarcity principle," a psychological effect that makes people value things more when they perceive them as rare or difficult to obtain.

For example, instead of always being available when the guy you like wants to hang out, occasionally have other plans or engagements. This can make your time together feel more special and valuable, increasing his desire to spend time with you.

Another way to play hard is by being measured in how much you reveal about your feelings or intentions. Maintaining a bit of mystery can create intrigue and encourage him to invest more time and effort into getting to know you.

However, it's important to strike a balance when playing hard to get. You don't want to appear uninterested or aloof, which could push the person away. Instead, aim to create enough challenge and uncertainty to spark their curiosity without causing frustration or confusion.

In conclusion, playing hard to get can effectively capture the interest of someone you're attracted to. By tapping into the scarcity principle and creating a sense of challenge, you can make yourself more appealing and encourage the other person to invest more time and effort into building a connection with you.

19) Utilize the "Ben Franklin Effect"

Utilizing the Ben Franklin Effect can be a clever way to strengthen your connection with a guy you like and get him to like you more. The Ben Franklin Effect is a psychological phenomenon where a person who does a favor for someone else is likelier to like that person, as they justify their actions by assuming they must like the person they helped. By asking the guy you're attracted to for a small favor, you can subtly encourage him to feel more positive towards you.

For example, you could ask him for help with a task, like carrying something heavy or assisting you with a technical issue. Doing so allows him to feel helpful and needed, which can increase his positive feelings towards you.

Another way to use the Ben Franklin Effect is by seeking his advice or opinion on a topic he's knowledgeable about. This can make him feel valued and respected, further strengthening your connection.

Being genuine and considerate is essential when using the Ben Franklin Effect. Avoid asking for too demanding or time-consuming favors, as this could lead to resentment. Focus on small, manageable requests that make him feel helpful without overburdening him.

20) Understand the "Mere-Exposure Effect"

Leveraging the mere exposure effect can be a powerful way to build a connection with someone you're interested in. The mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon where people tend to develop a preference for things they are familiar with or repeatedly exposed to. By spending time with the guy you're attracted to and becoming a familiar presence in his life, you can subtly increase his positive feelings toward you.

For example, try to find opportunities to be around the guy you like without being intrusive or overwhelming. Attend social events where you know he'll be present, engage in shared activities or hobbies, or try to engage in friendly conversation when you cross paths.

Discovering shared interests and activities is another way to benefit from the mere exposure effect. These activities can create positive associations and strengthen your connection through shared experiences.

However, striking a balance is crucial when using the mere exposure effect. Being too persistent or overbearing can have the opposite effect, making the person feel smothered or uncomfortable. Aim for a comfortable familiarity that allows you to become a positive presence in their life without overwhelming them.

21) Mirroring

Mirroring is a subtle technique that can help you build rapport with someone you're interested in. Mirroring involves mimicking the other person's body language, gestures, or speech patterns, which can create a sense of connection and familiarity. Mirroring can make the other person feel more comfortable and understood when used carefully and genuinely.

Here are some simple examples of mirroring:

  1. If the guy you're interested in leans back in his chair, you can also lean back in your chair after a short delay.
  2. If he tends to speak with a particular cadence or uses specific phrases, you can incorporate similar speech patterns into your conversation.
  3. If he smiles or laughs, you can reciprocate with a similar expression.
  4. If he uses certain hand gestures while speaking, you can subtly mimic those gestures in your conversation.
  5. If he tilts his head slightly while listening, you can adopt a similar posture when it's your turn.

It's essential to use mirroring responsibly and naturally. Overdoing it or mimicking another person too closely can be insincere or even creepy. The key is subtly incorporating aspects of their behavior into your own, creating a sense of connection without paying attention to your actions.

22) Novelty Effect

Utilizing the novelty effect can be a powerful way to capture the interest of someone you're attracted to. The novelty effect is a psychological phenomenon where people are more likely to feel excitement and attraction toward new experiences or stimuli. Introducing new and exciting elements into your interactions with the guy you're interested in can create a sense of adventure and intrigue that strengthens your connection.

For example, try to explore new interests, experiences, or ideas together instead of sticking to familiar activities or conversation topics. This could involve trying out a new hobby, visiting an unfamiliar place, or discussing topics outside your usual comfort zone.

Engaging in novel experiences can create shared memories that stand out in the other person's mind. These unique moments can help to deepen your bond and make your interactions more memorable and exciting.

It's important to strike a balance when using the novelty effect. While new experiences can be thrilling, it's also essential to maintain a sense of stability and familiarity in your relationship. Be mindful of the other person's preferences and comfort levels, and avoid pushing them too far outside their comfort zone.

Things NOT To Do

Remember, being genuine, respectful, and considerate are important aspects of building a healthy relationship:

  1. Don't be fake: Pretending to be someone you're not can lead to disappointment when the truth comes out. Always be genuine to yourself.
  2. Don't play games: Playing hard to get or using manipulation tactics can be counterproductive and frustrating. Be honest and straightforward about your feelings and intentions.
  3. Don't be overly possessive or jealous: Trust is crucial in any relationship. Avoid excessive jealousy or controlling behavior, which can be off-putting and harmful.
  4. Don't be too available: While it's important not to play games, it's also essential to maintain your interests and life. Ensure you're not sacrificing your happiness or neglecting your friends and hobbies.
  5. Don't trash-talk others: Speaking negatively about others can be petty and insecure. Focus on building positive connections instead.
  6. Don't overshare too quickly: Revealing too much about yourself too soon can be overwhelming. Take the time to gradually get to know each other and establish a solid foundation of trust.
  7. Don't be overly critical: Constant criticism can be draining and demoralizing. Focus on being supportive and understanding instead.
  8. Don't pressure him: Avoid pushing a guy into a relationship or trying to move too quickly. Let things develop naturally, and respect his boundaries.
  9. Don't change yourself for him: While compromise is important in a relationship, it's crucial to maintain your own identity and values. Don't change who you are to please someone else.
  10. Don't ignore red flags: If you notice concerning behavior or signs that he's not the right fit for you, don't ignore them. Trust your instincts and prioritize your well-being.

The key is to be authentic, kind, and patient while getting to know someone. Avoid trying too hard to impress, and let a genuine connection develop over time.

How To Make The First Move

Making the first move on a guy can feel intimidating, but you can take charge of the situation with some preparation and confidence. Here's a three-step process to help you make the first move:

Step 1: Establish a friendship and build trust

Before making a move, creating a foundation of trust and rapport with the guy you're interested in is essential. Spend time getting to know him by engaging in conversations and discovering shared interests. Please pay attention to his body language and reactions to gauge his comfort level and interest in you. For example, if you both enjoy hiking, ask him about his favorite trails or share a story about a recent adventure you had.

Step 2: Show genuine interest and initiate physical contact

Once you have established a connection, express your genuine interest in him. Compliment him on his accomplishments or something you genuinely admire about him, but avoid excessive flattery. Subtle physical contact, like touching his arm during conversation or standing close to him, can also signal your attraction. For instance, if you're laughing together at a joke, gently touch his arm to emphasize your shared moment of joy.

Step 3: Make your intentions clear

Finally, be clear about your intentions and take the plunge. Ask him if he'd like to go on a date, spend time together outside your usual setting, or engage in an activity you both enjoy. You could say, "I've enjoyed getting to know you, and I think we have great chemistry. Would you like to grab dinner this weekend?"

Example Of Making The First Move

Olivia and Jack met during a group outing with mutual friends. They quickly discovered their shared love for photography and often found themselves deep in conversation about their favorite camera techniques and locations. Olivia noticed that Jack seemed genuinely interested in her thoughts and opinions, and she felt a strong connection growing between them.

One evening, they attended a local photography exhibition together with their friends. Olivia took the opportunity to stand close to Jack as they admired the photographs, occasionally brushing her hand against his. She also complimented him on his knowledge and expertise, expressing her genuine admiration.

Olivia became increasingly certain about her feelings for Jack as the evening continued. She decided to seize the moment and make her intentions clear. She gently touched his arm while discussing a photo they both loved and said, "I've had such a great time with you tonight, and I enjoy our conversations. Would you like to explore the city and take photos together this weekend, just the two of us?"

Jack, pleasantly surprised by Olivia's move, smiled and agreed to the date. Olivia felt relief and excitement, knowing she had taken the initiative and opened the door for a potentially wonderful relationship with Jack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make a boy like me without talking to him?

Attracting someone without direct communication can be challenging, but some non-verbal cues and behaviors can help. Focus on exuding confidence and positivity through body language, such as maintaining good posture and eye contact. Smiling and appearing approachable can also make you more attractive.

Take care of your appearance and develop your style, which can showcase your personality without words. However, communication is crucial for forming a deeper connection, so finding opportunities to engage in conversation will eventually be necessary.

How can I attract a guy who is not interested in me?

Attracting someone who is not initially interested in you requires patience and understanding. Focus on building a friendship first, without any expectations. Show genuine interest in their life, thoughts, and opinions.

Be a good listener and provide support when needed. As you develop a strong bond, the person may begin to see you in a different light.

However, remember that you cannot force someone to be attracted to you. It is essential to respect their feelings and boundaries, and if the romantic interest does not develop, appreciate the friendship you have formed.

How can I get a guy to fall in love with me in school?

Building a romantic relationship in school starts with getting to know the person and finding shared interests. Engage in conversations, join clubs or activities they are involved in, and look for opportunities to spend time together. Be genuine, kind, and considerate in your interactions, and allow the connection to develop naturally.

As your friendship grows, be open about your feelings and intentions, but avoid putting pressure on the other person. Remember that love cannot be forced; it requires time, mutual understanding, and shared experiences to flourish.

How can I get a guy to talk to me?

To encourage a guy to talk to you, make yourself approachable and create opportunities for conversation. Start with a warm smile and open body language to signal you're friendly and receptive. Look for common interests or topics you can discuss, and ask open-ended questions to invite them to share their thoughts and experiences.

Be an active listener, and show genuine interest in what they say. Creating a comfortable and engaging environment encourages the guy to open up and initiate further conversations with you.

How can I make a guy notice me?

To get noticed by a guy, focus on showcasing your best qualities and engaging in activities that highlight your interests and passions. Be confident and maintain a positive attitude, as these traits can make you more attractive to others. Take care of your appearance and develop your style, which can help you stand out.

Engage in social activities where you can interact with the person, and don't be afraid to initiate conversations or make eye contact. Remember that getting noticed is just the first step; building a genuine connection and establishing trust for a potential relationship to develop is crucial.

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